Sunday, 9 August 2009

Finished bedroom set

Just a quick post today, because I am back in work this afternoon, although I have monday and tuesday off, shift working, Fab!!
The bedroom set is finished and I am really pleased with the way this set turned... but I did get carried away with it and couldn't stop making extra bits to add to it. I must of been working on this set for a good couple of weeks on and off, with some nights being only an hour spent and other nights 4 or 5 hours. What originally was only going to be a bed, bedding, cushion and curtains, turned into a full room set and more. Although, I am still deciding whether to list the chair and bear, as they make a good backdrop for photographing my cushions.

There is more stitching going on, now that the bedroom set is finished and I have been doing a bit of blackwork, which is a favourite of mine. I bought a few more blackwork design sheets in Carmarthen yesterday, so I will be trying out new adaptions soon. I have also had time to stitch a burnished red and pink victorian Rose cushion for my chair.

A quick update on Hubby's project, lights are going in, the shelves are being dressed, hubby is nagging me to come and have a look every 2 minutues! Theres no peace!!.... So I will do a post on the project on monday or tuesday. It may even be totally finished by then, but I am still working on him to add more to the base.


  1. La verdad es que me encanta la ropa de cama que ha hecho, un gran trabajo, le quedad precioso.

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  3. Hi Debbie, I published your post and then thought because as it had details of where you live near to, you may of wanted it kept private, so I removed it. Sorry, just finished work and tired :-(


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