Thursday, 27 August 2009

Hubby's project ~ final photos

As promised here at some of the final photos from hubby's cabin project. He is really pleased with it and even my dad who often raises his eyebrows at our love of creating miniatures was impressed. An achievement in itself!! I haven't decided yet whether to put the cabin for sale on Ebay or in my Etsy store, but as soon as it is listed I will mention it in a blog post.

This pic shows the front of the cabin with the Potions 4U sign now clearly visible. My little witch is standing proudly at the door, but will soon be returning to my witch haunt house.

This pic shows the back of the witches little helper. I will have to dig out a photo of him from the front. He is peering over at the gargoyle sitting by the potion stall.

One side of the interior. Looks like the dragon from inside the fire has gone for a minute.

This is quite an early on photo, the fire wasn't completed, the lights weren't in and the shelves look empty but I wanted to show the head jars on the shelves. Hywel made them from Fimo one evening and I think they look perfect on the top shelf.


  1. It looks great both inside and out !
    your witch looks very happy at the front too :0)
    julie xxx

  2. Love the head jars! The walls turned out so nice also- it all looks great!


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