Sunday, 23 August 2009

Church Hall becomes a conservatory!

Today, we took an hour and a half drive, (which turned into 2 hours because of road works!!) to a dolls house fair which we visit twice yearly. Unfortunately, this time there didn't seem to be as many sellers and we came out quite empty handed :-(

So, on our arrival home, I decided now was a good time to look on Ebay for a christmas church project. BUT... whilst looking through, I came across my own listing for my Olde church hall and thought, 'That looks nothing like a church !! ' So I have altered the inside decor and taken new photos and relisted it as an Olde conservatory. Thought I would pop the pics on quick and see what you all think!!

To make the conservatory, hubby had adapted part of another kit we already had and covered the outside in aged plaster with little areas falling off to reveal old brickwork. Each brick being painstakingly made out of real brick mortar. Inside, the walls are cream emulsion with a real cherry wood planked floor.

The roof has wonderful large areas of glazing and individually cut and applied slate looking roof tiles. (They are really slate effect lino floor tiles, but they look fab as dolls house slates)

I have photographed the conservatory next to Ivy Cottage. I thought it looked good until hubby said it would look even better next to my bakery as a tea room... now theres an idea :0)

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