Friday, 7 August 2009

Days out, giraffes and Ebay nightmares!

I have been rummaging around in blog land and found some fab new blogs to follow.

Judy has two great blogs ... Just another day on earth and Growing old gracefully. I also like Dollshouse miniatures and Hitty Art by Virginia folk artist K. Arthur. She has some lovely rugs on Etsy at the moment. Talking of Etsy, I must list some more items. We have been so busy this week taking the children on days out, that I haven't had much time to spend on Etsy, I just listed one item a few days ago and got side tracked by Julie's fabulous Laurel and Hardy dolls.

We are all really tired after our days out and the haematomas in hubby's thighs have swollen up hugely, so he is currently lying down with his feet raised, giving the odd wave as I chatter on, but we did have a great time and for once, the weather was nice . We visited places about an hour too an hour and a half away from us. So we have been to Cardiff's Techniquest to learn about space! St Fagan's living history museum to take photos for inspiration! and to Folly farm to see the giraffes!! I love St Fagans, but I must admit, the giraffes at Folly farm were brilliant and they are not somewhere off in the distance, they are about 20 foot away from you, so you can really see how tall they are.

I have finished one of my favourite cushion designs in a new colour. I think this colour has turned out well, but the blue is still a favourite for me and last night I started working on a green set which looks promising.

I have been buying my chairs and wooden picture frames from Ebay as I can't seem to find a supplier who will sell in smaller quantities. They either want trade orders of over £150 which is too much or they ignore my emails altogether. Does anyone know of any suppliers who will sell in smaller quantities? Or do we all get our supplies off Ebay?
I am looking for chairs, picture frames, glass bottles and tiny fabric trims.

Anyway, off to put the washing out now and then to the cinema this afternoon to see Ice Age 3 :0)

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  1. Have you tried Matlock Miniatures,they supply quality reasonable priced furniture etc. Here's the link :-
    Hope its of some help a lot of us use them. x


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