Wednesday, 5 August 2009

As promised..... Hubby's witch

Anyone out there who follows my blog, may remember that in Hubby's project posts I have mentioned that hubby made me a witch. Well as I have been looking at dolls on blogs this week, I thought now would be the time to show off my fab witch. She's not perfect, we don't make dolls to sell and her nose is a little large, but I love her. She lives in her little house, aptly named 'The Witches Haunt'. Inside her house is lots of furniture made out of our old tree and threadbare rugs, that I stitched when I was 12 and my mum found in an old box a couple of years ago. But those photos will have to wait for another blog day.

So, here is my witch, not fab photos I admit, but it's dark out, so I am using un-natural light and the flash just makes her look all white. Look at those fabulously long finger nails, which are painted bright red. And her jumper, well if it unravels any more, she will be showing off her midriff!

Now that she has turned her back on us, you can see her long, curly, greying hair.

If you are close enough, you may just be able to make out those freckles on her cheeks!!

Now before I go, I just wanted to mention Laurel and Hardy. I have a miniature picture of Laurel and Hardy in one of my houses and a real life large picture of them sitting on a bench. In fact, my bathroom is themed around the laurel and Hardy picture and there is a little china Laurel and Hardy on the windowsill. So when I was on Etsy tonight, imagine my delight when I saw a listing for a 12th scale Laurel and Hardy. I had seen photos of them on Julie's blog before but hadn't realised they were for sale. Unfortunately, they are beyond my price bracket, but they are brilliant, take a look, they are at Wonderful.
Also, if you liked the style of my witches house, I bought it from another Julie, who today has opened her own Etsy shop. She has a lovely fisherman's cottage listed.


  1. Love the witch , what a lovely character :0) she looks so right in her cottage too !
    Thank you for mentioning my new etsy shop ,
    I too have such a soft spot for Laurel and Hardy and hope they eventually go to a good home :0)
    julie xxx

  2. I love your witch- especially her hair and her chin!!

  3. Thanks for the nice comments about hubby's witch. That brought a smile to his face! :-)
    As for Laurel and Hardy, I will keep working on hubby and you never know, I may be theming a house for them in the future. If I'm lucky...

  4. La bruja, magnifica, está muy bien, (es como las de los cuentos de hadas), estará Encantada, con su casita. felicidades.
    ¡Ja! y felicita a tu marido.


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