Sunday, 26 July 2009

Selling my 24th scale bits & bobs

I have decided to sell my collection of 24th scale items. I have listed them on Ebay and am pleased with the bids so far, every little helps! Its a scale I wanted to try but never really got into, I found it just that little bit too small. I did manage to make some items in the scale, but didn't really enjoy making them as I do with 12th scale. My little Lilliput cottage has sold and the new owner was thrilled with it, so thats really good. It's nice to know that it has gone somewhere where it will be cherished and not just gathering dust as it was on my shelf.

This is a gorgeous little bed I bought a couple of years ago. It has pretty holly pattern and lace bedding and I will be sorry to see it go, but as it is 24th scale, it would look out of place in my 12th scale houses. hanging on the bed post is my first attempt at making a beaded bag!

One of the tapestries I did manage to make to stitch in a smaller scale. You can see how small it is next to the 10p coin. Eye wrecking stitching!!

Some of the 24th scale items I am selling. All bought in Miniatura, my favourite show, although hopefully when I do eventually get to go to the Kensington fair, I will be just as impressed with that too.

And finally, before I go, hello and welcome to my new follower, Kim.


  1. Love the green kitchen set. I hope all your sales do well on Ebay..x


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