Sunday, 19 July 2009

A quick post

Just a quick post today.

We have had a lovely day out, hubby would do cartwheels if his legs would let him, because he reckons he has been stuck in the house forever!! We bought some great bits for future projects in Hobbeycraft and we did loads of dreaming in Ikea! But, time is running away with me and children need feeding and bags need to be packed for school tomorrow. Only three days left and then pandemonium for six weeks!

This week, I have been busy in work and doing extra hours so I haven't sewn much, but I thought I would pop some photos of last weekends projects on.

I made up this little dresser to go in the cream cottage. All the little bits on the bottom shelf are handmade by myself, apart from the silver photo frame. I had made them all before the weekend, I'm not that fast at making these and I tend to only have the odd day once in a while, where I make fimo items.

Remember the above photo?

I have added more bits and bobs and it is now looking like this.
There is still a stool to be added and some embroidered cloths for the side tables.

Before I sign off, can I just say good luck to Nikki of Witch and Wizard miniatures for her new Etsy shop. Her witch miniatures are fab and there are several in my little witch house. You can find her blog page link in my bloggers list, it's well worth a peek.


  1. The Bedroom looks wonderful. X

  2. Thankyou Debbie, more pics will follow. I had an idea to stitch a matching sampler for the wall above the bed too. I have a feeling this room set is going to run away with me. Love your kitchen, its going to be fab.


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