Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Hubby's project ~ part 4

The work continues on hubby's woodland hut. The top photo shows the view through the side hatch. The hatch has a sliding wooden door and will have an important job once the owner moves in!

Inside the hut, the shelving has begun to go in. This shelving is made from an old conifer tree we cut down last year. (We don't normally cut trees down, but this one had grown perisously close to the bedroom window and we get high winds here, so unfortunately it had to come down.) The bottom shelf has been cut out with a knot on the one side, so it gives it a great angle. Hubby then varnished the shelves in a dark stain to age it.

Work has begun on the outside chimney. It is made from a heavy duty roll of cardboard, which was lying around in the garage just in case it came in useful one day. Why do we miniaturists keep everything with that 'just in case, one day' excuse? The chimney has also had a coat of pollyfilla which is drying as I write. It will be painted grey tomorrow.


  1. Love the shelving unit.
    I think all of us Mini people keep everything, well you never know when your need it. I used a Twiglet container to make some half moon windows for "Honeydukes"..LOL

  2. Te está quedando precioso. Felicidades.


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