Monday, 13 July 2009

My Victorian House

Here are some photos as promised of my victorian house. It was my 40th birthday present from hubby, I gave him the idea for the style of the house I wanted and this is what emerged from the garage, he did grumble at the task I had set him. It is large house and there is still plenty more for me to add to the interior, but I am pleased with the results so far!

The bedroom, showing my handmade bed covers and tapesetry. As you can see, the door still needs varnishing and fitting.

The nursery.
I often use this room to photograph my bits and pieces for sale. The floor is individually laid Oak floorboards and there is a very authentic looking resin fireplace. Many of the bits and bobs, I have handmade, but I bought the wonderful wicker chair, stool and bag from a lovely lady on Ebay, I can't remember her full seller name, but part of it is Woo and if you type 'wicker' into the dolls house miniatures search bar, she will show up if she has items for sale. I can't recommend these enough, they are brilliant.

The kitchen is work in progress and there is still alot of ageing of furniture and lighting to go in. The sleepy cook is about to spill her tea! She was a birthday present from eldest daughter.

This is part of the exterior, with the conservatory added. Hubby cut off one end of a conservatory bought in Miniatura and then bricked it to match the exterior of the main house.

Inside the conservatory, with another wicker chair and stool from Woo.

The inset front door, (boy, did he moan about having to do this bit!!) and the balcony.

The full frontage of the house, with real brick walls, a slate roof and sash windows.


  1. The house is so beautiful!!!! I love how it looks but the nursery has some special!!!! It so sweet!!!
    Mini hugs

  2. The House looks wonderful. Love the Nursery..

  3. Thanks Meli and Debbie for your lovely comments. I love the nursery because its all pretty and pink, but the parlour is a favourite too.

  4. Preciosa casa, con mucho gusto .Felicidades

  5. For anyone interested, the wicker furniture's Ebay seller ID is woo260


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