Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Hubbys project ~ Part 2


A few years ago we bought some thatching material at a dolls house fair, but it has sat in the cupboard ever since waiting for the right project. This we thought would be the perfect project for a thatched roof and so hubby sat down to begin thatching. But it wasn't so easy....

Off to the books and internet he trundled, looking up thatching, yes, all ready now, looks easy enough now he has some tips from the books and internet. But alas, no matter what he did, it wouldn't stick! So, after a few frustrated hours of trying to get each individual thatch to stick, I scurried into town..... and bought, the perfect alternative!! Coir matting for hanging baskets.

After some discussion from him about how he couldn't possibly use matting as it wasn't authentic, I persuaded him to give it a go and guess what, an hour later, the roof was done and wasn't he clever for thinking of using coir matting for thatching. Men!!

Well, I must admit, it did turn out better than even I thought it would. It has a greenish hue to it, so its perfect for a woodland hut and although it looks a little flatter than what 'real' thatch would be, once its been aged and lichened, I think it will be perfect. And of course, Hubby is pleased with it, because he's the clever one who said it would work!!

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