Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Crinoline lady

I am always sewing or making something. Even when the babies were small, I would be knitting them cardi's in between feeds. I have made numerous things!! over the years, but I think the 'crinoline lady' will always be a favourite. I remember being around 12 years old and hunting through the old sewing box for something new to sew and finding old table-covers and hankies of many colours with the design pre-printed onto them. So.... I have had a little go at sewing one in miniature!.

Out came the old tablecloth that I still have after 30 Years!! and I begun stitching. I'm pleased with them, what do you think?

The smaller piece is all ready for the frame to be fixed in place and then it is going in my mini terrace house, but I still have a lot of work to do on the larger piece though, to get it all in proportion. I'm not happy with the tree yet and I need to add more flowers and a bird table. Hopefully it will be finished by the weekend and I will pop a photo on for all to see.


This is a pic of my peaceful corner. It is a little corner in a hectic house that is quiet and tidy!!

The mushrooms are all turned on hubby's lathe by hubby and the monsters. Then there is one of my little bears which someone has decided needs to sit half way up the orchid stem and my favoutite witch.

And.... if you look closely, you will see my green frog hiding under a large top mushroom.

Working nights this week, so this picture is very apt. I had this pic up in my office when I was a student nurse working in the community. I had a little room at the top of the very old building in the attic. My company was a couple of other nurses and lots of very large spiders, which I admit, I did evict through the little roof window on a daily basis, only to find they had somehow got back in over night!

My tiny space was under the slope of the roof, so my makeshift desk was a wicker basket box, above which I stuck one of these pics. Those were the days!!

Before I go, A big Hi to my new followers, Roz & Aidey and thankyou for following my blog.

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