Monday, 22 June 2009

Hubby's project ~ Part 1

Fourteen weeks ago, hubby had a life changing accident whilst delivering a load of concrete blocks. His legs were crushed between his lorry and a wall when the crane hydraulics failed and it swung out of control. Out of hospital and mega bored, he has started working on a special project to help pass the time untill he is fit to go back to work. I have no say on this project, my suggestions are met with raised eyebrows and never followed up. Oh, but if he wants a particular item sewn then he's only too quick to say its a joint project!!

Anyway, the reason for sharing this with you, is that I thought it would be good to follow his project along, this scene is slightly different to what we normally make and he will be trying out various new clays and ideas, so I hope you will enjoy reading the blog as much as he is enjoying making it. I will update his project weekly, probably on a sunday, work permitting and title them 'Hubby's project ~ part....'

At the moment, the project has a old stone hut on a half finished base board. Hubby has applied old stone compound to the hut and finished it off with a yellowing varnish. This hopefully will give the impression that it has been around for some time. He has also darkened the window edgings, which look good, but when he's not looking, I am going to sneak in and age them a bit more. They look too new!!

This is base board, which is roughly 2 foot square. It is a MDF base on which he used air drying clay for the first time. Mucky stuff for your hands, but he said it moulded quite well. He has mixed sawdust in with it in some places, to make the landscape more woodland looking. There is also the beginnings of a stream with a couple of green snakes. Funny that, when I made those snakes a few months ago, he laughed at them, now they are in his stream! I notice he has also acquired my little red dragon! I am going to have to keep a close eye on this project, I think.

This is the base from a different angle. You can see the stream has begun to be filled with scenic water. That was the first time we have used that as well. Great stuff, I had great fun, pinching some for little bubble filled bottles.