Monday, 15 June 2009

Been busy stitching!

Well, I didn't get around to making more bears or samplers this weekend, as I ended up working an 18 hour shift to cover sickness, but I did manage to stitch another stool. It's a blackwork design, which can be time consuming but as its a repetitive design, it doesn't take much concentration, great when your tired!

I also found this piece when I was digging around in my craft box, it's blackwork which I have sown in creams and browns!!

It's a lovely piece but I'm not sure what to make in into to. It could be nice as a Tudor style table runner? I'll have to have a play around and put it on my blog again when it's finally finished.

Back to work tonight on a night shift, so I will be taking some easy stitching in with me to do on my break or if it's quiet (it won't be now I've said it) I think I will stitch some more blackwork cushions to match the stool. I'll pop a photo on when they are finished.