Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Time moves so fast and for us 2014 has been a year of ups and downs. Not as many new miniatures or large projects have been made this year due to family commitments and yep, I'm even late with a Christmas blog post! But here's a little peek through the windows of my Bear Makers Cabin; revisiting some older mini makes and having a glimpse of some new minis :)

We  start with a look through the round window and 
a little glimpse of Hywel's latest 'sculpt in progress' 

Santa :)

Whilst inside the cabin, bears sit on the table amongst the Bear Makers Patterns and a little Christmas tree

A new adition to the cabin this year is a tiny 48th scale doll handmade by Joy of Adora Bella Minis.

Inside the cabin, the Bear Maker is busy making little bears amongst Hywel's handmade furniture....

 with a little help from grandad!

 There are even the tiniest bears on the christmas tree :)

We hope you all had a lovely christmas and we'll be back in the new year :) 
Julia & Hywel xxx

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas time. Wish you a happy new year.


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