Saturday, 26 October 2013

My Wizard's Conservatory

With Halloween approaching fast, I thought it would be a perfect time to share with you all some photos of my latest wizard project. It is a small project which I work on mainly in our Bear Cabin Miniatures Dolls House Club. We sell these kits in our shop and I had taken quite a fancy to one, so here it is being transformed into a conservatory fit for a wizard! I hope you'll enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoy making it.
The basic kit is very simple to put together. It simply screws together and the roof is hinged, though I decided to leave the roof and back unscrewed whilst I stained and aged it all, simply because it was easier to get to all the corners that way.
I then enlisted Hywel's help to put down one of his realistic looking floors inside the conservatory and once dry, I painted and aged it all through, so that it looked old and worn in places.

When that was all done, it was time to begin on the vines that will eventually crawl over the majority of the walls and roof. This was perfect as a club project, so I took some materials down to our monthly meeting and we had great fun in the club making all sorts of fabulous vines for our various houses.
I also began work on staining and aging a couple of chairs to make them look old and used!
Once that was all done, I added some gorgeous plant pots which had been a lucky find at the Thame Dolls House Fair and one of my own pumpkins.
The look I wanted to achieve in here is now staring to pull together, though I do have to finish the vines. I will then pop a wizard into one of those chairs and I think he should have a good book to read as he sits back in this special little Wizards Conservatory.
Julia xxx
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  1. What an attractive conservatory! I like very much the work of ageing. I am impatient to discover the continuation!

  2. it's starting to come together nicely :)

  3. This is really going to be something. I cant wait to see it done.


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