Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Creative Block!

With the Miniatura Dolls House Show now a happy memory of a summer lost, I find myself sitting at home, still feeling poorly and currently battling with a creative block! 
As you can see in the above photo, my workspace lies empty except for a forlorn chaise on the shelf awaiting a upholstery make over, my camera is gathering dust at the back of a drawer and our website is sadly neglected!
Hywel's sculpting in the shop is going from strength to strength and each night he comes home full of wonderful comments and tales form happy customers, whilst I sit and ponder what will reignite my creative flare, which is more of a damp squid at the moment rather than a shining beacon! Ah well, creative blocks comes to us all and I know my enthusiasm will return.  
In the meantime, I will share with you some of Hywel's latest sculpting which he is now selling in his 'real life 'shop. They are all typical of Hywel's humour!
Here we have a little red dragon, leaning on a beer barrel and eating a cheesy biscuit!
And a  pumpkin stack complete with cowboy hat!
Actually, I really liked these and lots of them worked their way into my miniature houses at home!
I wonder how that happened ;)

Then we have some of Hywel's wizards and characters with a difference!  

The wizard was one of Hywel's favourites and he sold within a day of going on sale, which really encouraged Hywel to keep sculpting. Though I have told him that he must keep carving cupboards for me to dress, after all Spring Miniatura will be here before we know it and my creative ideas will be flowing once again.... we hope! :)

Finally, here is a peek at our Halloween inspired window display in the shop with Pumpkin hat by Kat Hazelton.

Now, I must go in search of my creative energy again, so till next time, happy mini collecting :)

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  1. You will find it....it is still there somewhere I promise. I still have my wonderful dragon. Didn't realise he'd gone on to sculpt to much xxx

    1. He sculpts every day now and is absolutely loving it. I'm glad you still have your dragon xxxxx

  2. Think we all have times when we lose our creative side. Do something else Julia and it will come and find you..xxx

    1. I did do something else Debbie, I watched Hywel redecorate our 'Real' kitchen white. Then I went and bought a new kit to make into a Christmas themed house and shop :)

  3. Julia im sure your mojo will return soon both yours and Hywel's work is great dont lose heart we will call in and see you at the shop some time soon xx

  4. Thank you Rachel. I think I do so much for the shop that I lose inspiration for my own houses. I've decided to do a Christmas themed house for myself next and I am hoping that will bring back my enthusiasm for my own miniatures xx


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