Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Tales from Florence ~ Part 4

Being unwell and stuck at home, means I have lots of time on my hands. Now I'm not one to sit around doing nothing, I tend to feel worse if I have nothing to do, so Hywel's way of keeping me busy, but sitting down and sort of resting was to make me these two little room boxes. As explained in a previous post, I have made them into two coordinating shops... a sweet shop and a vintage haberdashery with a twist!
The twist is that it has a couple of my friends witches hats in it, well can you really see me not having a witchy/ wizard twist somewhere? :)
Regular readers of my blog, also know that I like to have characters in my themes and buildings, so the wonderful Florence is the main character for these room boxes.
Here she is with her cup of tea! 

At 12 inches square, these room boxes are quite small and quick too dress. I did enjoy painting and dressing the different furniture and displays to go into this little haberdashery shop though, I think the colour scheme worked well and caught my creative imagination. In fact, working on this went a long way to cheering me up and keeping me distracted whilst I am poorly.
I'm quite pleased with how it has all come together and I hope you like it too :)

 If you should be visiting Swansea at anytime soon, it is currently on display in the 'Inspiration' section of our main window display at our shop in Swansea Indoor Market, Swansea.
As for me? I have to stay home just a little while longer, so its time to think of something else to work on now. I'm thinking.... back to the wizard scenes?
Florence by Jain of The Giddy Kipper
Hats by Kat Hazelton 
Julia xx

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  1. I Love your Rosy color scheme! The chair looks very elegant. And Florence looks perpetually and (happily?) disgruntled! I hope she has plenty of customers to her shops!
    And I hope you get better soon! It is never fun being unwell.... but having some room-boxes to decorate can go a long way to making it Bearable!

    1. I adore Florence, her disgruntled demeanor makes me smile every time I look at her :)

      Thankyou, I'm sure I willl be feeling better soon. In the meantime, I am busy planning my next project :) x


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