Friday, 16 November 2012

More work on my Autumn Project!

My Autumn Project is progressing well, thanks to my hubby who has been doing all the exterior work for me! 

He has painstakingly rolled and marked out all the clay roof tiles, which once dry will be painted and aged. He has also made a stone effect on the pillars that the project will sit on. The stones are made from air drying clay and then painted with an emulsion 'wash'.   

The kit I am using is the Dolls House Emporium Retreat Kit, which is a nice size kit and is very easy on the pocket in price! :0)

If you peek through the door, you can see a piece of furniture which may give a clue to what the project will be. My next post will show the interior decorated, I hope you'll like it ;)

Julia :0)

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  1. I still can't guess what it is, I will just have to wait and see LOL.
    I really like the kit you are using, I wish we had kits like that in the US.


    1. It is a great kit Victoria. I wonder if DHE ship worlwide? There are lots more photos on my FB page, I'm more upto date on there :)
      Julia xxx

  2. I've no idea what this is going to be but I like the fact that it's got feet!

  3. Cute retreat!!! Cant guess will have to wait also. Love the pillars... LJ


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