Saturday, 1 October 2011

A project perfect for Halloween

Well, it's the first of October already and wow, has this year flown.
It's also been very busy with a house move of our own, a house move for our eldest daughter and the start of GCSE examinations for our son!

But.. now everything is settled (fingers crossed) it is time for me to settle comfortably into an autumn and winter of miniatures :0)

Both hubby and myself have been quietly playing around with new ideas for our miniature houses and peeps that 'chat' with me on FB will have seen our Christmas project under construction....

But first, let's have some autumn mini fun and make a special little project just for Halloween.....

Last years halloween project was the Halloween Shed, which I had immense fun making and really loved the finished look... then I went and sold it! So this year, I wanted to make something similar, but I also wanted it to 'house' my halloween cushions and pumpkins.... so........ 

During my recent visit to Miniatura, I picked up this large market stall kit by The Dollshouse Builder

Having bought from this seller previously, I knew that his kits are of good quality and the 'dry run' of the kit was perfect. This market won't be for sale, it will have pride of place on my dresser for Halloween and it will be the 'photo shoot backdrop' for my cushions ;0) 

But... if you would really like a market stall of your own, then click on the link above and grab yourself a market (no... I'm not on commision LOL ) and follow my blog through October as I show you step by step how I decorated my market stall. 

Julia xxx 

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  1. This stall is fabulous. It looks very nicely made Julia. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  2. I love these little stands..I often look at them as I love the idea of doing mini projects.

    Looking forward to seeing progress. :o)

    Michelle xxx

  3. Hi Michelle and Janice,
    The market stall has come along nicely and quickly! There were a couple of problems after I applied the art mache (it warped) but I know that now, so I could avoid it if I did another. I will put the next bit on the blog later in the week :0)
    Julia xx


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