Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Miniatura ~ Part 2

We had a lovely time at Miniatura on saturday, saying hello to fellow AIM members and meeting new sellers.

Our first port of call was at the Petite Properties stand, where we said Hi to Bea and I finally treated myself to one of her micro 1:144th cottage kits... watch this space to see how I get on with it ;0)

We also visited Jenny and Mike Kelm's table: Kastlekelm Miniatures, where I snapped up this ferocious looking plant, a little jar of mushrooms and some candles for Wizards and Wands

Then.. I spotted Scrooge, sitting on their topshelf!
Peeps who I chat with on FB will know that hubby is currently making me an Olde Santa Toyshop and Scrooge was just too hard to resist to sit outside the toyshop looking grumpily at the toys in the window ;0)

There are more photos of Scrooge on my showcase Blog

I also picked up some bits and pieces which are just perfect for the Toyshop...

a fabulous and very large fireplace.....

and some bits to go inside and out of the toy shop.....

Jumping back to magical minis, I treated myself to a large market stall which I will be showing under construction here on my blog....

and some little halloween bits to go in it....

Another lucky find was these barrels to go in the Apothecary

and thats it... a fabulous Autumn show and some great minis to join my collection :0)

 Julia xxxx

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  1. Wonderful Minis and treats Julia. Looking forward to seeing it all in situ! Great new project, I love those stalls! Kate xx

  2. Congratulations, you bought a lot of great miniatures.

  3. What a fabulous haul Julia!
    Will be so interested to see how you get on with the 144th kit. They are supposed to be marvellous, another blogger has just made a beautiful one.

    Scrooge is just perfect.....I popped over to your other blog for an extra look!!

    The market stall is a great idea. I am a big fan of these 'smaller' projects. They are such fun.

  4. I love the little kit and barrels the best! I bet you are glad that you went and that you were well enough this year! :o)) Looking forward to seeing the stall come alive!

    I have 2 1/144th scale kits, both completely different from each other. I will do them when I have more time...and a daylight lamp! :o))))

    Michelle xxxx


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