Wednesday, 10 November 2010

So where's the 'Bear' in Bearcabinminiatures???

Its been a long time since I have made some little bears, which is a shame because at one time I used to make loads! I even made 150 little Edwardian bears for my friends 'favours' in her wedding. Then,when I opened my Etsy store... long before blogs and websites, I was making so many bears at that time and hubby was making a 12th scale Cabin, hence the name Bearcabinminiatures was born :) So here we are today, we have a Bearcabinminiatures blog, Etsy store, Ebay page, facebook page and as of yesterday, we now have a webpage :0)

Now, there's been alot going on behind the scenes at the moment and hubby is busy building a special 'Christmas Ivy Cottage' It has turned into a huge project as he has got very carried away with it and has made furniture for this one. I can't show you any pics yet, but I can tell you that it will be a little cottage for Santa where there is lots of bear making going on :) Guess who has to make the bears!!!!!

So last night I sat down and made some little Chenille stemmed bears... ok, I admit, it's nice to be bear making again :)

I have also been finishing off my Christmas furniture and cushions. I am really happy with my new designs...

and my older designs with a christmas twist...

All my christmas themed miniatures will be available through my website only, for the next week, but I will be back tomorrow to explain how I have compartmentalised all the different Bearcabinminiature places :)

Till tomorrow,

Julia xxxx


  1. I love your little bears. The Christmas fabric is lovely as is all you beautiful Christmas embroidery.

    Good luck with your website ♥

  2. Wishing you every success with the new web page Julia. Love all your Bears and Christmas bits. Looking forward to seeing the new Christmas Ivy Cottage, and how I Love your Dragon, lurking at the back, in the top photograph. Fantastic..xxxx

  3. The website is a great idea Julia! I adore your bears , Im so pleased you making them again, and a Santas workshop sounds fabulous! Is that to sell or something for Christmas for you? You two certainly are busy! Kate xxx

  4. Thanks Joy, I got the christmas fabric in my local sewing shop, let me know if you'd like me to pick some up for you, they would be perfect for a Mrs Christmas :)

    Thank you Debbie, my daughter tested all the links out on her computer yesterday, so fingers crossed any emails coming through it will reach me! The Christmas Ivy Cottage is looking wonderful, but I'm not allowed to post any pics yet!!! He's a meany!!

    You saw my little dragon lurking :) They are fab, I have bought a few as christmas presents, but this one looked at home on MY dresser... ;)

    Julia xx

  5. Hi Kate,
    The santa's cottage is to sell. Hywel has had to cut his days in work as his legs are playing up so he is doing more cottages and furniture to sell, hence the new website and we now have a little spot in his Uncle's shop in Llangadog to display them. Fingers crossed it will take off. We will be starting the fairs soon too.
    Julia xxx

  6. The little bears are lovely - they've got such nice faces! Very good luck with the website and the shop. Fingers crossed they both go well for you.

  7. I missed the little dragon. He's lovely :) Why not add some fabric for sale to your website as well Julia. I'd buy xxxxx

  8. Julia, I love the bears, and I did wonder where you got the name!
    Your Christmas projects sound wonderful :)
    I wish you well with your website - I popped over, and it's looking good!!
    The cushions make a lovely display - my favourite is the blackwork one :)

  9. I love the new Christmas mini's the most..just perfect! I love the sofa too, but I guess that's yours! lol Great website too! :o))))

    Michelle xxx

  10. Thank you everybody for the feedback on the website, it's all appreciated :)

    Hi Glenda,
    I love Blackwork and have quite a few bits in my Victorian House. I will be doing more for my website too :)

    Hi Michelle,
    I have had loads of requests for the sofa, but its a damaged sofa with a poorly leg and wobbles alot!! I re-upholstered it just to use as a display for my cushions but I will make some 'proper' ones for my website.
    Julia xxx

  11. Congratulation on your new web Julia!!1

  12. What cute bears Julia! Your cushions and furniture look so Christmasy. I really like your new website, it looks /fab.

    Victoria :)

  13. Seeing all of your lovely Christmas items is putting me in the Christmas mood! Your site looks great by the way. Best of luck!


  14. Love the bears! The website is really cool too!

  15. Que ositos mas preciosos.
    Felicidades por tu nueva web y mucha suerte.
    besitos ascension

  16. The bears are SO sweet, and congratulations on your new website, Julia!
    Love, Susanne

  17. I love little it's great to see you making them again!
    I'm sure the Christmas Cottage will be wonderful, it must be when it's filled with your sweet bears ;-)


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