Thursday, 28 October 2010

Halloween Post 3 ~ Decorating for halloween

The Halloween theme carries on, the cakes are made and now its time to make some halloweeny decorations :)

Simply and cheaply made again, these banners are made from halloween confetti available for a £1 in any supermarket or on Ebay. You can buy mixed packs or individual designs such as pumpkin faces or little ghosts. I have threaded a mix of designs; skulls, pumpkin faces, spiders and ghosts on 2 strands of embroidery cotton, but you could easily use black sewing cotton. I have then draped them around the outside of Gertie's Cottage :)

The halloween signs are card making embellishments from a pack bought in Hobbeycraft.

The other thing I had a go at making this week is candles!! Disastrous, LOL and the label on the candle jar said 'Believe all things are possible' Ha!!

Anyway, I tried with two little skulls and stuck bits of cocktail sticks in the top with intention of dribbling hot wax down the cocktail to make a candle.

Well.... hot wax got everywhere including my fingers and this is what I got... reminds me of a couple of people... LOL

These are just halloween fun makes and will be discarded in the bin after halloween so they don't  have to be perfect, but I am quite happy with the candelabra for the Wizards and Wands Library though :0)

Last halloween post tomorrow before Gertie's Halloween bash for Kat's Big Halloween Blog Party.

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Julia xxx


  1. The candelabra is beautiful! And the skulls...well, maybe you should practice a little bit more LOL
    Here is another way of making candles
    You could even burn them...for a very short time ;-)

  2. LOL Margriet, Oh my candles!! Its a good job they are just 'mess around' minis LOL
    Your candle making link is brilliant though, thankyou. I may even have a serious attempt at candle making one day after reading that link, it was great :)
    Julia x

  3. I like the candleabra too

    Marisa :)

  4. sono ritornata ;-)i teschi sono inquietanti!!! ciao

  5. I've always loved skulls with candles in them :). I like the little signs you found!

  6. I love the Halloween confetti idea - I've never seen that before and don't be too hard on yourself over the candles - they look the part!

  7. The candle skulls look like the ghost of Marie Antoinette!! ;)
    I've found that ordinary candle wax doesn't translate at all well to miniature, it's too clumpy unless you heat it *very* high, and then it won't behave either, and will probably burn you badly.

    The candelabra is excellent, and I love the unicorn banner!

  8. Wonderful Halloween decoration, love the banners and signs!!! Also the "weird" skull candles, they are perfect :-)

  9. I love the halloween decorations, of course witches decorate for halloween and all the festivals, can't beat a good witchy party.

  10. Just catching up Julia. Love the

  11. I love what you have done, the banners are my favourite and I love your tapestry above the fire place too!! :o))

    Michelle xxxx

  12. Me encantan los craneos, son fantasticos, el tapiz, el candelabro y la bandera es genial.
    besitos ascension


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