Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Halloween Post 2 ~ anyone for a sweet?

All good parties need some cake and sweets, so to get ready for Gertie's Halloween bash on Sunday, I have been finishing off making some spider pumpkin cakes and seasonal sweets.

Spider pumpkin cake 

You will need.....
  • 1 fimo pumpkin ( I had made him a few weeks ago, so he was baked and ready to go)
  • 1 spider button
  • 1 suitably sized plate 
  • Skull cane slices
  • Thin leaf coloured card 
  • Leaf punch
  • Tacky craft glue
  • Optional tweezers, but they come in handy :)
After cutting out some leaves with the leaf punch, I drew a little circle of glue around the plate and placed the  leaves in a circle around the edge.

I left for it a couple of minutes to go tacky and then carefully positioned the pumpkin on a blob of glue in the centre of the leaves. If you click on this photo it will come up bigger and you will see an imprint of spidey legs! This is because when I made the pumpkin, I pushed the spider button into position to make an imprint before baking, don't forget to take spidey off before baking or he will melt!  Once baked, the spider then sits comfortably on the top of the pumpkin in his imprint and can be glued in place without slipping.

Now the tricky bit... steady hands needed here....with a small spot of glue on the underside of each skull cane slice, carefully position them on the leaves in a circle around the pumpkin... or just leave it all to dry for an hour or so, then it doesn't all slide about when you press the skull slices down!

Wallah.. all done :)

Fimo canes are easily bought online, there are loads on Ebay and you can buy small amounts for roughly a £1, so they are an inexpensive way to make sweets. I have used some of the flatter skull, pumpkin and bat cane slices to make Halloween cookie jars and sweet platters. You can also buy the canes to cut yourself and these are great to use as little cake slices.
Little glass bottles can be cheaply bought online too and you can make little labels using a size 8 font on your computer. I 'teastain' my paper before cutting out the labels and then when they are dry, I cut them in a jagged fashion and I edge the label with a thin black marker line. A little bit of embroidery thread wrapped around the neck of the bottle and they are all ready for the shelf.

I also use other little containers as sweet holders and you will see some nice little turned pots full of sweets on the fireplace shelf :0)
So there are all my sweets ready for Sunday and after sunday, they will all go in my Olde Wizards Sweet Shoppe :)

Back tomorrow with some of my terribly made candles! LOL

Julia xxx


  1. Nice tutorial! Wish I had some canes to make cookies for my party room. I will think of something creative for my food hee hee.

    Victoria ♥

  2. Wow... thank you for showing how to make this awesome spider pumpkin cake!!! I'm so fascinated (ok a little scary fascinated) of that spider button you used! What a great idea :-)))

  3. Thankyou Nicole and Victoria. I had great fun making these and I love spidey but he does have a little scare effect lol
    Julia xxx

  4. the spider cake is so cute! I'm going to see if I can find similar supplies locally to try it out this weekend- thank you for the instructions Julia! The sweets all laid out on the mantle is adorable!

  5. Wonderful how-to!!! I love those halloweencanes. Next saturday I'm going to a dollshouseshow...maybe I can find them there!

  6. Cool! Spidey looks scarey! Funny how we both have a Gertie in our mini house. My Aunt Gertie is an older lady.

  7. You are so resourceful and crafty! I usually can't put things together this nicely :)

  8. Thanks for the tutorial! I love these little spider cakes:)

  9. Thanks for the tutorials, very helpful and I love the fireplace all laid out with the treats, your witches will be spoilt.

  10. Thanks for the tut. I hope I have time to try it at some point (although I doubt that I can find such gorgeous spider buttons). Your cakes and sweets look delicious :-)

  11. I love the cakes! ;o) I have everything apart from the spider buttons! Hmmmm will have to look out for some.

    I won't have time to join the party :o(( I'm just getting back to normal speed...hmm I will just have to enjoy everyone else's! lol

    Michelle xxxx

  12. El pastel de araña es fantastico, gracias por las instrucciones, lo voya intentar.
    besitos ascension


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