Friday, 17 September 2010

Parcels from America, Kat's hats and the meet the fabalous Ernest :0)

I have too start this post with Ernest, he is amazing. A while ago Joy of Adora Bella Minis made my wonderful shopkeeper for my little Woolembees store and I was so pleased with her when she arrived, that I asked Joy if, in a couple of months she would make me a hubby for Esme Hyacinth. Well, last week Joy started to make a Santa, but he had plans of his own and turned out to be Ernest!

A perfect hubby for Esme Hyacinth, he doesn't mind donning an apron, picking up a feather duster and helping out in the shop, now that he has finally retired :0) 

Isn't he amazing :0) I have to admit, as soon as I saw him, he reminded me of my lovely dad (apart from the bald head!) and when little Meg saw him she said 'Ooo he looks just like Gramps when he's helping Grama clean!' LOL

Thankyou Joy, I love him :0)

Well, as you can see, I am now running out of room in Woolembees. This is one of my favourite projects and I wish now that I had asked Hywel to make me a larger shop..., but then maybe it would lose it's charm if it were bigger! When I design a new cross stitch cushion or sampler, the original goes in here, the sofa and chair I upholstered and loved so much that I couldn't part with, are in here, there's also some of my little chennille bears too.

My wonderful La Petite Belle fom Julie of Bellabelle Art Dolls  is nestled amongst my cushions on my sofa and there are some lucky ornamental finds from Ebay on the dresser.

But, I did find a little room for some wonderful pink candles from Lorraine of Dfly Creations

Lorraine popped these wonderful candles in my parcel as a free gift. Thankyou so much Lorraine, they are perfect for my shelves in Woolembees :0)

My purchase from Lorraine was this wonderful wandbox containing a superb wand.  It is to go in one of the display counters in my Wizards and Wands Bookstore.

I couldn't decide which colour to buy as Lorraine had listed a few different coloured wands, but I'm glad I settled on the orange set, as it shows up brilliantly in the slightly gloomy bookstore. Which, I will start working on again, I hasten to add, it's been a bit neglected since the spring!

The postman also brought me another parcel from the lovely Kat of Kat the Hat Lady's Etsy Store 

I love Kat's hats and have many! Well, I bought a Pumpkin witch's hat last week and the Mad Hatter's Hat this week and between us Kat and I got all muddled up over hats lol, but it's all sorted now and the lovely Kat sent me the right hat and let me keep the wrong hat for free, thankyou so much Kat, it was lovely of you :0)

Another couple of great purchases which have been waiting a couple of weeks for a spot here are;


A sweet little Pumpkin Teapot for Gertie by Lory of Lory's tiny creations 
and a lovely little Sussex Gnome by Anne of  Elf World Creations 

Well, that's the end of my super long post, I hope you like my great buys and will click on the highlighted links and take a look at all these wonderful artisan's stores for yourselves.
I'm off for a well deserved cup of tea now :0)
Have a great day,

Julia xxx


  1. Hi Julie it looks like you got a wonderful bunch of goodies i love everything the gnome is so cute looks like he needs a cuddle lol...
    hope your all better now

  2. Hi Rachel,
    The little gnome has just found a precious stone which he is hiding from Gertie, lol.
    Thanks, I'm feeling a little better. Hope you are feeling better too.
    Julia x

  3. Glad to hear you are feeling better:-). Sorry I got muddled with your order, I think it was the shock of my hubby doing the washing up threw me that day ha ha ha! Glad you like your free hat :-). Love all your goodies, I love Ernest and the wand how cool! The Gnome is so cute! As for Lory's tea pot I love her creations, how lucky to have such a wonderful tea pot! I am having a go at some pumpkins if they are a tiny fraction like Lory's I would be delighted ha ha!

  4. oooh lots of goodies Julia, they are all fab. Love the hats, especially the Hatter one! Ernest is a great character , can see why your thrilled with him. SO many new minis, its fun isnt it, if a little hard on the purse lol!! KAte xxx

  5. Hi Kat,
    Please don't worry about getting muddled, I didn't even notice it wasn't the right hat untill you said, doh! Thankyou so much for the extra one, I am going to sort out a little parcel of beads for you as a thankyou :)

    Have fun making your pumpkins, I know they will be fab :0)
    Julia xxx

  6. Hi Kate,
    Hywel liked the Mad Hatter hat the best too :0) My favourite has to be the pumpkin ones though. New purchases are fab therapy, but yes, it a little hard on the purse, hence the new listings in my Etsy shop lol!
    Glad you like Ernest, he makes me smile every time I pass Woolembees :)
    Julia xx

  7. it's a beautiful shop and he looks like a loving husband! it's just perfct!

  8. Fabulous purchases Julia and of course I also have an addiction to Kat's wonderful Hats.
    Ernest reminded me of the advert "George, where's my Marigolds", when I saw him on Joy's blog page.
    Esme and Ernest look very happy together..Hope your feeling OK. xxx

  9. Hello Marisa and welcome to my blog, I hope you will enjoy it here and maybe gather some inspiration for your own wonderful projects.
    My little Woolembees shop was made by hubby for me last xmas to put all my 'first try' cushions and samplers in. It has evolved well over this year and along with Gertie's cottage is my favourite little project :0)
    Julia xxx

  10. Hi Debbie,
    Your right when you say Kat's hats are addictive, once you start buying them, you can't stop!.

    LOL, 'George where's my marigoilds?' is going to stick now :)

    Thankyou, I am feeling a bit better, still overwhelmingly tired most days, but managing. Hope you are feeling a bit better too. Not looking forward to my trip to Singleton Hospital next week though!
    Julia xx

  11. Everything looks great, I love that Pumpkin Teapot and the gnome's floppy hat! Those candles fit well in the scene :).

  12. They are lovely candles, thankyou Loraine,
    I love my wand and wand box too :0)

  13. What wonderful new mini's! I love Ernest, I saw him on Joy's bog and he's perfect for Esme, they make a fantastic couple! :o))

    The hats are superb,and I love the mad hatter's hat, and would have bought it, even though I don't have a project for it! lol The fab wand and box, I must get some myself...they are on my wants list.

    Lori's work is always amazing and I want more! lol

    I love the gnome..what a sweetie! :o))

    I hope you are feeling a bit better and not too long before they get you sorted out..ever hopeful!

    Michelle xxx

  14. Hi Michelle,
    I saw Ernest on Joy's blog too and loved him, then I clicked on my email and there was a message saying he was for me. I was thrilled :0)

    Shh, but I don't have a project for Kat's Mad Hatter Hat either, I just loved it :0)

    The little gnome is great and they are on offer at the moment :0)
    Julia xxx

  15. Oh Julia your tiny shop is perfect, packed with so many treasures. I had spotted Julies beautiful little dolls on previous photo's. I'm so pleased you liked Ernest and he looks very happy to be kept busy with his feather duster :)

    I love the pumpkin teapot by Lory, her items are always so delicate & packed full of detail. The Tiny gnome too is so sweet. I think both ladies work in cold porcelain. I've given it a try and I really don't now how they do it!

    Kat's hats as always are stunning my favorite is the top top. Kat must have boxes and boxes of trims because she always coming up with something different.

    The wand looks really well made and orange looks like a good choice :)

    I hope you get on really well at the hospital Julia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. I adore the little Sussex Gnome - how cute :) xx

  17. Like you I have found Kat's hats far too addictive and have a lovely collection now but I still get tempted from time to time!

    Joy's work is such fun. I am lucky enough to have two of her witches tucked away for my next project but I get them out on grey days to sit on my desk as they are so cheery!

  18. Hi Joy,
    I'm so glad you like my little shop, seeing it in full, you can see now how perfect for it Esme and Ernest Hyacinth are. It's such a warm cosy shop, your two little people add the fun to it. :0)
    Yes, Julie's darling little Petite Belle sits on the sofa. I have a few of Julie's dolls now and her amazing Aunt Agatha is in my Wizards and Wands Library. You will see them all at xmas as they all come together in my christmas scene in my Olde Abbey.
    Julia xxxx

  19. Hi Sheri,
    Hope your not working and decorating too hard. Come for tea this week, dad's cooking!
    Mum xxxx

  20. Hi Janice,
    Joy's little witches are perfect for bringing a smile to your face :0)Can't to wait to see your two, have I missed a post with them?
    Julia xxx


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