Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Home from hospital and a present

I'm home from hospital, all went well and the news is good, so I am feeling really posative. I am really, really tired though, so this post will be quick, but I just had to share my pressie with you :0) About two weeks ago, when I was photographing all my wonderful hats from Kat, Hubby commented that I should I do a whitchy shop just for the witches hats! Then he started asking what type of shop did I think would suit them, because christmas is only a few months away ! I mumbled a few ideas but didn't really take an interest, well, I had my shed to plan!

Well, when I got home from hospital yesterday, there was a parcel for me and guess what it is ;0)

A Sid Cooke small Georgian shop with upper Storey.

So now Kat's witches hats will have a home of them own and Kat's edwardian hats will go in my drapers shop (still to do!) I think I will make this little shop into some type of Emporium, with Kat's hats, Nikki's pumpkins, Lory's teapots and my spooky stitchings making up the bulk of the contents.

Now I need a name, all suggestions welcome, bear in mind the contents will be mainly pumpkins and hats and the main colours will be sage greens and oranges :0)

Off for a little nap now, back tomorrow or friday  ;0) hope you all have good day,

Julia xx


  1. Welcome back, Julia. it's good to hear that all is well, and most of all that you're feeling okay. It's probably good that you feel tired. That'll give you much needed rest and time to recuperate. Love your new shop. Lucky you! Can't think of a name. Something with sage perhaps? Sage has more than one meaning..... Somebody will come up with something usefull, I'm sure. :-) Take care

  2. It is a pleasure to return to enter in your blog.
    After a period of time, away from the minis, again with renewed hopes.
    A greeting, Carmen kisses

  3. What a lovely man! So very thoughtful. Glad to hear you are well and recovering. A new project is such fun! The name will come to you in time. Take lots of photos of it's progress and keeps us posted.

  4. So pleased to hear all went well with the hospital. Fingers crossed for you and what a lovely surprise to come home too. The little shop is a lovely shape. This will be a really good one to follow - sorry, can't come up with a name yet.

  5. Julia so pleased all went well, you take it easy now! I love the new shop , that detailing on the roof part is very witchy so it will be ideal and just a nice size! Will email you at a later date about Dumbedlores cushion thanks for that, but you should rest for a while ! WHat a lovely surprise to come home to, Hywel is very kind and generous! Just what you needed, KAte xx

  6. Welcome Back Home!
    Your idea for the shop is fantastic!
    I hope to see the result soon!
    Best wishes

  7. Julia! I'm sooo pleased that it went well, but you must take it easy and rest! :o))

    What a wonderful treat, but you deserve it! I have my eye on 4 of Sid Cooke shops, so I can't wait to see yours come together....when you are well enough!

    Wishing you a very speedy recovery,
    Michelle xxxx

  8. Glad to hear you're well! Beautiful shop by the way ;D

  9. So glad to hear you are on the mend and I don't have a clue as to what to name the shop unless you want a silly name then I can offer you "Hatties" it's very silly but fun.

    take care

    Marisa :)

  10. Thankyou all for your well wishes and I'm glad you all like my new shop, I am thrilled with it. Hubby has taken time off work to look after me, but whilst I have slept this afternoon, he has been busy doing the dry run of the kit and has made a start on making the plastic bay window look authentic! He hit a few problems though.... no screws, no hinges, no door knob, no pins and even no shop back wall! We have emailed Sid Cooke, so we'll wait and see if they post them out!
    Julia xx

  11. so glad your home and all went well julia. What a wonderful present to come home to !
    julie xx

  12. Thankyou Julie. I wish I could be at Miniatura this weekend, but I won't manage the 3 hour journey there at the moment.... so I will be after you to make me a commision steampunk witch to be the shopkeeper, if thats okay, I adore your steampunk witch :0) I will email you after you have recovered from Miniatura. Have a fab time xx

  13. I've been thinking about this in my head for awhile, but I have not come up with anything yet-but what a sweet shop this sounds like! What a wonderful present to come home to!! I hope you get lots of rest this afternoon Julia- thank you for your sweet comment to me- you are a wonderful friend. So glad to hear that the trip to the hospital went well too- hooray!! Smiling big for you in the US :)

  14. What a wonderfull hubby you have, glad to hear you went on ok at the hospital, I love reading your blog.

    Re the shop, what about something like 'Maysage Emporium' from the saying "He who would live for aye must eat sage in May" or just something simple like Sage Emporium. I'm doing a department store called Pumpion's Emporium and have kats lovely hats in a shop called 'Moonshadow Hats' hehe I love comeing up with names.

    Here are some correspondences which might help

    Sage is linked to Virgo in the western zodiac and Ox in the chinese. It represents healing, esteem, domesticity, respect, health, longevity. It's botanical name is Salvia derived from salvo to heal.

    Pumpkin is linked to healing as well as being great fun at halloween. The name originated from the Greek word Pepon and the were called Pumpions in England in the 1500's.

  15. Glad to hear your home from Hospital Julia. What a lovely present to come home to as well.Hope all the bits that are missing come quickly. Take it easy and get well soon..xxxx

  16. It's good to hear that you are well, and that you have such a kind and thoughtful man!! The little shop is great. Can't think of a name yet. . .
    Best wishes from Glenda

  17. I am pleased you are home Julia and the news is promising.

    just take time now and rest, rest, rest.

    You have a most wonderful hubby and I am sure you are well looked after xxx

    Love the shop...I love all SC houses.

  18. ¡Bienvenida a casa! Me alegro de las buenas noticias.
    El Paquete esperandote estaba:)
    Besos Clara


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