Tuesday, 10 August 2010

May I Introduce the wonderful... the amazing....

Mrs Esme Hyacinth
Hyacinth for short! :0)

Last thursday, when browsing through my favourite blog haunts, I happened to linger a little longer on a certain blog and an idea was born :0) The blog was Adora Bella minis and I emailed Joy to ask if she would kindly put me on her waiting list for a little character to be the shopkeeper in Woolembees.

My brief for the shopkeeper was;

'The little story of Woolembees;
When planning it, I had in mind a little box of Highland Heather soaps, so I have centred my main colours around pale lilacs, blues, sage greens and heather pinks. I can imagine a shop like this tucked away down a little lane, away from the main hustle and bustle. The shopkeeper would be a kind, older lady with a 'lived in' look about her face and a tad rounded in figure!'

I said I was in no hurry, I knew Joy was busily working on another commission, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when I opened my emails Sunday and there she was, all ready, it seems I had fired an idea for Joy too:0)

Well.. Mrs Esme Hyacinth arrived in the post this morning and she is absolutely perfect for Woolembees. Thank you so much Joy :0)

So... without further ado, here is Mrs Esme Hyacinth, fondly known as Hyacinth for short :0)

Hyacinth keeps a tidy shop, woe betide anyone who rummages ;0) Here she is tidying her shawls.

I put the wall dresser together this afternoon, it is filled with jars of buttons, cottons, wool and sewing patterns.

Time for a cup of tea and a quick check over the tidiness of her darling little shop.


Thank you Joy, she is lovely and suits Woolembees completely :0)

Julia xx xx


  1. Me encanta tu nuevo personaje!!!
    Jacinta queda perfecta en la tienda, es una preciosidad, me encanta como va vestida.
    Enhorabuena por tu adquisicion.
    Los cuadritos en punto de cruz son preciosos.
    Los cojines tambien me gustan muchisimo, bueno me gusta toda la tienda jejeje
    besitos ascension

  2. Hola Ascensión,
    Gracias, la quiero demasiado. Ella se adapta maravillosamente a la pequeña tienda. Cielo Woolembees hecho para mí la Navidad pasada, así que me gustaría tener un lugar para mostrar toda mi punto de cruz que no pongo en mi tienda Etsy: 0)
    Julia xxx
    PS. Espero que mis traducciones son perfectos!

  3. Julia, your shop is absolutely wonderful. And it looks like Joy created the perfect shopkeeper for you. Hyacinth is great!!

  4. She is absolutely fab! Beautiful shop!

  5. She is wonderful - and looks completely at home and satisfied with her beautiful shop!

  6. Julia, Love the lay out of the shop and I have to say Mrs Esme Hyacinth, is the perfect shop keeper. I just love her face..xxxx

  7. Thankyou Cate and David :0)

    Hi Debbie,
    Thankyou, would you beleive this shop is only 12 inches square? It's my smallest yet and didn't take long to fill up. I think I will be hanging stitchings and bears from the roof beams soon!! Joy made Mrs Esme Hyacinth perfectly suited to Woolembees and yes her face is just superb :0) I think nearer christmas, we will have to see a Mr Hyacinth!
    Hope your feeling okay, Debbie,
    Julia xxx

  8. Julia - Hyacinth's shop is so very easy to imagine - it came alive so quickly in my imagination! I can happily walk around in there, it is a treasure trove of lovely goodies!
    I just love that the inspiration came from colour. It's so interesting to hear where the seeds of inspiration come from.

  9. Thankyou Glenda :0) It's a huge compliment that Woolembees came alive for you. Did you notice your wonderful baskets on the top of the dresser and there is one on the counter to Hyacinth's right :0)

    I often use colours for inspiration and this one came from a box of highland heather soap that my mum used to buy. If you look closely on the bottom shelf of the dresser, there is a miniature version of the soap box on the bottom shelf :0)
    Julia xx

  10. The shop is looking wonderful and I agree she look slike she was made especially for it, shes so at home there. I love her features and I think a Mr Hyacinth is a definate must, I can see him as a real gardener type , coming in covered in to help out in the shop covered in soil after a day in the allotments lol! Kate xxx

  11. She is just perfect Julia...I saw her over at Joys blog earlier :-)

    I love her and she really fits in...the whole thing is so great...just like the old village shops I remember.


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