Thursday, 3 June 2010

Gertie's Little Industrious Cottage ~ the front door!

I wanted Gertie's front door to be a green colour and to look old and worn. So I started the 'ageing' of the door, by rubbing an old cloth dipped in an Old Oak coloured wood stain. It should be wood stain and not coloured varnish, otherwise you may have trouble with the next coat, it will rub off!! I left that coat to dry for a couple of hours, then with a flat edged artists paintbrush,  I painted on a coat of Craig & Rose's Chalky Emulsion in Morris Blue. After that coat had dried for roughly 10 minute's, I rubbed it all over with a clean cloth to give it the more worn look, I then left it all to finish drying overnight.

The final coat of paint to go on was Craig & Rose's Chalky Emulsion in Lincoln Green. I applied this coat with a piece of kitchen roll dipped lightly in the paint, as this gave me more control over the amount of paint going onto the door. I left this coat to dry and didn't rub it down as I had done with the previous coats. Whilst it was drying, I cut 2 strips of wood to go across the width of the door and painted them Lincoln Green. 
For the door fittings, I found some lovely little card embellishments in the shape of hearts with a key hole and some great chunky keys. I painted these with a coat of black enamel paint and then rubbed the paint off after a couple of minutes so that they looked tarnished. I also did the same to a cheap shop bought lion door knocker. Then I glued all in place and wallah... Gertie has a door!!

Julia xxx


  1. Oooh what a fabulous green, it's sooo different too I really love the colour. ;o) I used Craig and Rose for the Antique White on my conservatory, you can't beat their paints for that old look! I see you used the old paint on rub off enamel paint method to make items look tarnished! :o)) I couldn't oxidise my metals no matter how hard I tried, so I come up with the enamel paint method, I think it's the next best thing! lol :o)

    Looking good Julia! ;o)
    I hope you are feeling a bit better now.
    Michelle xxx

  2. Hi Michelle,
    The Craig & Rose paints are great, I love the chalky, dull look they give. The enamel rub on rub off method works for me, plus I have a cupboard full of little enamel pots of paint, so I didn't want to buy anything else to do the same job!
    I am feeling better, thankyou, some days are better than others though :0(
    Julia xxx

  3. Oh love the door, thanks for telling us how you did it, looks great.

  4. The door looks fabulous, I love the shade of green :) Great job :)


  5. I love the colours too do they do match pots Julia? Kate xx

  6. The door is so beautiful! I love the little heart shaped keyhole- what a great idea and it looks perfect!

  7. Hi Kate, They do little glass jars of their paint. £1.96 each... bargain :0)

  8. Wow,Gertie has a wonderful door!
    Thanks for sharing your work,
    I am going to look for Graig and Rose paints

  9. Hi Suzanne,
    The paints are Craig and Rose 1829 Authentic Period Colours Chalky Emulsion. They are the best I have used for paint effects and the colours are great.
    Julia x


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