Sunday, 6 June 2010

Fab Swaps :0)

I recently offered some of my owl samplers for swaps and I was thrilled with the response. All my swaps are now posted and I  have started to receive my swap goodies back :0)

My first swap was with Glenda and she sent me some gorgeous wands and a lovely runner for my Wizards and Wands Bookstore. I hope Glenda will love her swaps from me :0)

My second swap was with Janice  and I had loads of goodies for Gertie's Cottage.
I have put the wonderful mandrakes and plants in the Mandrake House for now until Gertie's greenhouse is ready and my wonderful bottles, perfume bottles, scrolls and papers are tucked away safely until I am ready to dress Gertie's dresser.
Thank you both, I love my swaps :0)

On the stitching front, I have a new sampler ready which will be Limited Edition with only 5 being stitched. It is a large sampler at 3" tall and is framed in a pine varnished, wooden frame. I will be listing one in my Etsy store and there will also be one available on my For Sale page.

PS, I forgot to mention that I have listed some mini bits and bobs and the wonderful Witches Ivy Cottage on Ebay tonight xx


  1. These are just fabulous swaps!! WOW wonderful mini's! Lucky you!

    I am working on your items as we speak....but you know I'm soooooooo slow and I'm waiting for some materials too. :o)

    I haven't forgotten to reply to your email!
    Michelle xxx

  2. Hi Michele,
    Looks like we are both up late, though I am working on auto pilot as I haven't been well today, hope I haven't made any mistakes!!
    I am thrilled with my swaps, it is definately something I will be doing regulary and Janice's letter in my parcel was lovely :0)
    Don't worry about taking your time, I'm not really ready to start dressing Gertie's Cottage yet anyway as I haven't been able to get much done lately :0(
    Have a good night, Julia xxx

  3. Wonderful swapping you've done :)

  4. Swaps are so much fun and I love that you dont know what you are going to be sent, like christmas! Great gifts all around have fun placing them all! Kate xxx

  5. Lovely swaps Julia and I love the new needle point. Good luck with them.

    Debie xxxx

  6. Wonderful things you've received :o) I'm liking this swap idea, I think I might have to do something like that soon, I missed your swap post or would have loved to have joined in, never mind always another time.

  7. Thankyou Debie, I am thrilled with my swaps and they work well with the fabalous mandrakes you made for me :0)

    Julia xx

  8. Julia, missed your swaps post. I love swapping too and belong to a swap group. I've only just joined so not many swaps yet. Will look out for your next one. Jain x

  9. I'm glad you like the wands, Julia - I received the table, cushion and fabric today - they are absolutely beautiful!! The applewood table will be in pride of place in my witch cottage, the daisy fabric will make a perfect cushion for my Finnish lakehouse, and the daffodil cushion is going in my special 'amazing craftsmanship' minis collection!! It is sooo finely worked - I am in awe!!
    Thankyou so very much!



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