Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Gathering at the Chapel

Merry christmas to all my followers and anyone who pops in from time to time. My first year of blogging has been a great adventure, where I have met many lovely new friends, seen wonderful photos of beautiful cities and homes and been allowed to peek into other bloggers lives and dolls house collections. This year has seen the opening of our own little Etsy store and we were thrilled to be accepted as members of AIM - Artists In miniature and even have one of my cross stitch patterns published in the AIM Advent Calendar. On a personal note, it has been a hard year, with Hywels major accident, but many of my blogging friends have been there to offer words of support either on comments or via email and that has been wonderful. I know some of you have also had a hard year healthwise and I hope 2010 will be healthier for us all.
Next year, I will be working on my little shop that Hywel has been making me for christmas, so I will be popping that on the blog. To finish of this post, I have popped some photos of my christmas miniatures on, I hope you will like them and maybe they will inspire some!

A couple of little christmas presents to myself!!

Everyone has been popping pics of their christmas trees on, so I had to be awkward and pop a pic of my fireplace on :0)

Have a lovely day and see you all after the big day ;0)

Julia and Hywel xxx


  1. Your fireplace looks wonderful Julia , a very Merry Christmas to you and Hywel, and a great 2010, look forward to seeing loads more of your terrific projects! Kate and John and family xxx

  2. Your little homes make me want to be shrunk to around 14 cms! They are lovely!! I love your decorations in your real home too! :o)

    Have a truly great one! Hoping you and your family have a happy and healthier 2010!! Hugs all round!
    Michelle xx

  3. Your fireplace is gorgeous! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Julia- I am so glad I met you this year!

  4. Its lovely Julia. Merry Christmas and a happy 2010 to you and your lovely family.
    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  5. Lovely pictures.

    Have a wonderful Christmas all of you xxx

  6. Thank you, I whish you the same... beautiful your chappel and the christmas scene...regards

  7. Merry xmas julia and hywel :0)
    Love your xmas scenes, they are beautiful and love your fireplace too, the cast iron part is the same as mine , we obviously have very good taste LOL
    wishing you and your family a wonderful new year
    julie xxx

  8. Merry Christmas Julia!
    I love the little house on your bookshelf with the "icicles!" SO cute!
    All of your miniatures are just perfect!


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