Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas at Pumpkin House

Well, christmas is nearly upon us and I am still rushing around, where did the time go? But today I have a little spare time as I can't get the car out of the drive, so I have to stay put!! The snow missed us, but we had lots of sleet which froze in a thick layer overnight. Our drive is very steep and is like an ice rink, we started to try and de-ice at 6.30 this morning and gave up at 7.15. We used 2 tins of de-icer, but it was useless, the slush just kept freezing back up, before we could wipe it off!
Anyway, as I have a little time, I thought I would show you the little christmas bits I have put in Pumpkin House.  Hope you like it :0)

And here is a snippet of my christmas present! Hywel is making me a little shop, I have seen it as it progresses, but I am not allowed to touch untill christmas Day :0(


  1. Looking very festive Julia. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas present..
    Hope you all have a wonderful

  2. Oh gosh you HAVE been busy! Your Pumpkin House is great, I love the Father Christmas outside the front door. I have managed to put some of the decorations up in the witch's house that you so kindly sent to me, and I hope to have a post of the photo's by Christmas Eve! Time as you say IS running out!

    We only had a little snow and it was gone by yesterday, now we have black ice and that is far worse! :o(

    Michelle xx

  3. I love your miniatures Julia and I cant wait to see that little shop finished. Stay safe.
    Debie xxx

  4. Thankyou all for your comments and a very merry christmas to you all too.

    Michele, I had hoped to do a little post showing what can be done with the bits and pieces I sent you, alas no time. But.. if you enlarge the 4th picture down, you will see a plain tree on the desk like one I sent you and on the right, on the dresser, there is one which I coated in glue and then rolled in beads to make it sparkle! You will also see the snowflake pads, I have used as cushions on the bed and the bell on the desk. The gold stars can have a little piece of cotton stuck on with a little piece of selotape and you can dangle them of a fireplace or in the windows. Hope you are having fun decorating!

    Merry christmas all and be careful in that ice.
    Julia xxx

  5. Oh yes give up and stay indoors.

    It is looking very festive. bet you can't wait to play with your Christmas pressie.

    oh BTW that mystery plant of mine....I think it might be a brush cherry (syzguim paniculatum). it looks like it but I can find no reference to them being oily :-(


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