Thursday, 5 November 2009

The shop with no name, but welcome in!

It has been a hectic last few days and the time just seems to have flown. I have managed to answer emails and keep up with some of my favourite blogs, but other than that I am left thinking it's back to work tonight and before I know it, it will be sunday again! For those of you waiting for the new Wild Heather Collection, I will start to list the range in my Etsy store over the weekend in between work and I will pop a post on to say it has been listed.

One thing I have done today is find a new home for the shop with no name! This little shop had been sitting in the back of the understairs cupboard for about a year, untill I dug it out a couple of weeks ago. To date, it has no roof and no name, but the window, door, walls and frontage are done and it it seemed a shame to have it hidden away. Hywel made me a life size dresser top for my dining room, so for now it will be living on the bottom shelf of the dresser. It is filled with the originals of my previous ranges of mini makes, like tapestries, hats, needlepoint bags, stools, cushions and last years autumn bears. It was quite nice to see them all again and I may make a few more up for this year. There are also a few of my favourite bought items, like the brass till on the counter, the side handle actually turns! It has had a quick tidy up and my little bear who pops up to welcome new followers is now settled in the corner!

My dresser with the shop on the bottom shelf, now all I need to do is make it a roof, or rather get Hywel to make the roof and then find it a name!

Hope everyone has a great Guy Fawkes, Julia xxx


  1. what a cute little shop! very lovely!

  2. Looks like it will be a wonderful 'Treasure Trove' maybe something along those lines!!!! I love that bear!!!lol KAte xxx

  3. Lovely little shop Julia, but I have to say I'm very impressed with those real sized dresser shelves..xx

  4. I love your little shop- really love the dresser too!

  5. Hi Debbie and Kim,
    Hywel is really smiley again because you loved his dresser top. He cut the MDF to size and pattern and then I painted it cream to match the bottom part he made me last year. It cost a grand price of £21, bargain! Over the years, Hywel has made most of our furniture, I will have to pop them on the blog one day!

    HI Kate and Anneke, glad you liked the shop. Looking at the photo, it really needs a roof lol.

    Julia xxx

  6. I love the chair and all the pictures and hangings! I have to confess, I admired the dresser top too and the general style! :o) Nosey lot aren't we! lol lol

    I'll be keeping an eye on Etsy!
    Michelle xx

  7. The house is charming and the shelves look wonderful, too. :)

  8. Hi Michele, It's ok to be a little nosey, I am too, lol and thankyou for the compliment. I was hoping to have a break last night and start listing on Etsy, but alas, not to be. Off to bed now, but will have another go tonight.
    Julia :0)xx


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