Monday, 9 November 2009

The Olde Abbey has a roof!!

Work on the Olde Abbey has been slow, but tonight we found time to paint window surrounds and wood stain the roof shingles. All the roof needs now is a bit of moss and the roof will be done. Next, I have to paint the stained glass to go in the windows!


  1. That is looking really lovely!
    Luv the warm tones of the brick work and roof

  2. The work in progress looks wonderful. I can not wait to see the stained glass windows

  3. I' so curious about this project, I'm sure it will be beautiful Rosanna

  4. Its coming together nicely Julia x
    Debie xxx

  5. It's looking really lovely, great warm and aged colours too! :o)

    Please don't make the mistake I did when I painted my stain glass windows for my Edwardian House door and porch windows. I put the glass on paper and for some unknown reason (heat?!), most of the paint come off onto the paper (it was all completely dry.) and I will have to start again. :o(

    Can't wait to see the roof finished! :o)
    Michelle xx

  6. Hi Michele,
    Thanks for the tip, I will be careful. I have made stained glass once before and it turned out ok, but I am not totaly confident at it. I want to use real liquid lead for the outline, but I havn't tracked any down yet at a reasonable price, so I may have to stick with normal glass paint liner. I will post pics of my attempts or disasters!! when I manage to get an evening free to start!
    Julia xx

  7. Oh la!la! it must have been time consuming to do the roof!But the result is worth it!


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