Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Houses ~ The Wotnot Shop

Another one from my own collection, this is The Wotnot Shop. Sorry about the poor picture quality, but I have taken these photos from a stored CD-R and the quality isn't wonderful. The Wotnot shop originally had a nice little flat above, but it was too big and heavy, so we altered it into a single storey shop with red brick exterior walls. There are lots of my little homemade goodies inside and a perfect gent bought from Ebay.
Julia x


  1. This is lovely Julia,but such a tease as I would love to see inside now ! I recognise the wonderful gent as one by the lovely Margaret Murphy who is a friend of mine, I just love her dolls :0)
    Hope you can post some pics of the inside sometime
    julie xx

  2. Hi Julie, Lovely to hear from you. Isn't it amazing how good doll makers can be instantly recoganised by the character in their dolls faces? Yes, my perfect gent is by Margaret, as is my 'nan'and grandpa in my terrace house and my santa. I have 6 dolls in total, which tend to wander around depending on my current scene, my vicar and my flower seller as you know are from you. I need some little children now to go with them all in the olde abbey at christmastime. I will be keeping an eye on your ETSY and Ebay pages ;0)
    Julia xx

  3. Fantastic shop and great name for it too!
    The floorboards are fab.
    The old man doll is perfect!

    Nikki xxx


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