Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Miniature beginings ~ My Terrace house

I thought it would be nice to do some posts on my own houses, after all I love to look at other people's houses, so just maybe someone out there would like to look at mine!!
The terrace house is one of the first houses Hywel made me, back in 2001. It is roughly based on my memories of my nan's house. Hywel keeps nagging me to let him redo it, he wants to put real stonework on the exterior, but I like it as it is. It is a marker for how much we have learnt and improved over the years, but also it is a traditional doll's house and I just love it as it is, falling down curtains and all :0)

The bathroom.
The wallpaper is a sample from a local DIY shop and I wish I had bought a roll because it is very pretty and suits 12th scale perfectly. It matches well with the laminate tiles and pretty china bathroom suite. When the lights are on and the bathroom door is open, you can see into the hallway.

The bedroom.
I must make some pillows and cushions for the bed. The Lloyd loom basket chair was bought from Ebay and I made the blankets, pictures and wicker cross on the wall.

The living room.
Not a great photo and I just noticed that my grey tabby cat, who is chasing a ball of wool is partly hidden behind the magazine basket and 'nan' is sitting on my knitted patchwork cushion! It's a lovely homely room though with 'nan' doing her knitting and 'grandpa' just popping in after being in the garden. The fire glows when plugged in and shines on the 'drying' washing.

The living window complete with falling down curtains! The window ledge pulls out at christmas so that I can fit a christmas tree in the bay, which is probably why the curtains are falling down. Next to the window is one of my first miniature samplers.

The hallway and kitchen.
The kitchen is a false room, because we were limited with space, so we put just an impression of a kitchen in. You can just make out the kitchen cupboard, shelves and mop bucket.

The attic, complete with 'insulation' between the rafters and hanging lightbulb!
Well, I hope you enjoyed my little tour of Terrace House'. I am off to have some lunch and do some stitchings now :0)
Julia x


  1. Wonderful house Julia, thanks for showing it, and hope to see all the others soon!
    That paper is really great, dont you just hate that when you wish youd just got a whole load of it!!
    Kate xx

  2. Hi Julia,
    Great first house. I agree. Keep the exterior just as it is. It is beautiful.

    It will be interesting to see the others now. I wish I still had my first house. I sold it and was sorry ever after.

  3. I love this! The idea that really captivates me, though, is your hint of the kitchen. That's something I hadn't considered, and would work so well in some of my dollhouses.

    Julie Old crow

  4. Hi Kate,
    I will post my other houses in the next couple of weeks. I will post them in the order we made them. So next will be The Wotnot Shop!
    Julia xx

  5. Hi Casey,
    I'm glad you liked my first house. I am going to keep it just as it is, it always makes me smile when I pass it in my workspace. I don't think I could part with it. There is another one of my houses on my blog, it is the Victorian House and it is my July posts.
    Julia x

  6. Hi Julie Old Crow.
    I adore your name! The hint of a room works well, we always use it for stair wells and halls, but we have also used it for a bedroom, aswell as kitchens. You make it just big enough for one piece of furniture, so that you think there is more beyond.
    Julia x

  7. Lovely little house Julia, I love the pretend kitchen xxx
    Debie xxx

  8. I love your first house toooooooo!Specialy the bedroom.I would love to see all you houses,
    Thanks for sharing!Miniregards from Spain,Sonia

  9. Hi Julia,
    The first house is always special. I sometimes regret selling the houses I made as a teenager, especially the smallest one (which wasn't 12th scale).
    I like your first house, I hope you keep it as it is.

  10. I love this and dont think you should ever change a thing ! its perfect as it is .
    I too love the hint of a kitchen :0)
    Its a lovely house,and I really liked the rafters too, exactly as they should be !
    julie xxxx


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