Friday, 9 October 2009

Look what we did to the wizards store!!

Well... the wizards store didn't sell on Ebay again, its been on twice with no luck, so we have decided to work a
little magic on it. Hywel went on a hunt in his workshop at the bottom of the garden and came back carrying a large old branch of apple tree. We thought we had used it all previously! We had it cut into thin strips and can you see the face in the above strip? Well, we decided this piece would look great in the store window and because the knots are hollow, we are hoping that when we plug the lights in it will shine through the 'eyes'!!

Hywel has also had some fun with skeletons!

Here they are are holding up the shelves! There are more shelves to be done and I have to finish my potion mixing table in the corner, but all in all, we are pleased with it.

I have been making lots of new bits and pieces to go in my Etsy store and I have been staining the whitewood furniture I bought in Miniatura for 'Pumpkin House'
Pumpkin House is one of my own houses, which I will show on the blog in the future. It has nothing to do with Halloween, it is just named Pumpkin House because I adore pumpkins. It is a 2 roomed house, made into an antique furniture and soft furnishings shop and it has many of my favourite pieces from other miniaturists in it. I have just had a tudor bed made for it and I can't wait for it to arrive. I will post pics when it has arrived.
We are now going to try our luck selling the witches cabin on Ebay. Fingers crossed.
But I have been thinking that what we should do is start having a table at fairs because it is hard to see the work and realism in a photo. There are 2 dolls house fairs within 1hours of us, so I will be getting their details and hopefully next year I will be posting a nervous blog for an upcoming fair..LOL.


  1. Good luck with your sales on ebay and etsy. I love that piece of wood and what you plan to do with it.
    Debie xxxxx

  2. I adore this witches retreat! Was it the Retreat kit you used? I have one and Im thiknig of making it a witch house now after seeing this instead of the beach hut I was going to make!!
    Believe me if I could afford it Id be buy it ready done as this is fantastic!! Did you use the towel method for the thatching? Kate xx

  3. Hi Kate,
    Yes, it was the summer house kit from the retreat range. If you take a look back in my blogs, I think it is in July/August's blogs you will see 'Hubby's project' Part 1, etc. It is all in there!! The thatching is commercial hanging basket liners, cut in strips and glued down!! I love the fireplace in it, which is why I got hubby to make one for my witches corner :0)
    Julia xx

  4. Hi Debie, thanks for the good luck. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I'm glad you liked the wood, Hywel was looking at me daft when I said there a face in it!! Now thats its in though, he agrees with me. LOL

    Have a great day, Julia :0)x

  5. Juiia - the wood with the face is ace! I am sure it will make the difference when selling the cabin on Ebay.........good move.....


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