Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween to all

Witchy is making pumpkin soup, don't tell the pumpkins!!!
Happy halloween to everybody from Julia and Hywel at Bearcabinminiatures.
Have fun!


  1. oh and those pumpkins look so happy ;0)
    Have a hauntingly good halloween !
    julie xxx

  2. Happy Halloween to you...Great Photo of Witchy making her soup..LOL..x

  3. HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you too! Great pic. My pumkins havnt arrived yet :-( , yours look fab!
    Kate xxx

  4. Happy Halloween to you both too. I love that little scene, I hope Witchy isnt following my pumpkin soup recipe... It has essence of deadfly in it.. Shudder....
    Debie xxxxxxxx

  5. Happy Halloween! Those pumpkins must have had all of their brains scooped out with the seeds. They should be running and hiding about now! Cute scene!

  6. oh, love it!! Witchy is looking happy--the pumpkins are looking apprehensive. They can't fool me with their toothy grins, they know what's going on!!

    Julie Old Crow

  7. I love witchy and her pumpkin soup--she looks happy and the pumpkins look terrified, lol!

    They can't fool me with their toothy grins.

    Julie Old crow

  8. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments. Credit must go go to Nikki for her fab pumpkins and pumpkin soup. they are wonderful.
    Have a great halloween evening everybody,
    Julia :0) xx

  9. Witchy has some pretty scary things under the table - no wonder the pumpkins are beginning to look worried!

  10. That witch has some chin and some mightly long fingers too! don't think I'd wanna meet her! lol Love the walls and window! Great looking room!

    Michelle :o)


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