Thursday, 1 October 2009

Halloween competition

Halloween is Fab
The colours aren't drab
Take a look at my blog
Theres a cushion up for grabs!

The cushions...
Top row, from left to right ... Starry pumpkin cushion, Halloween stars cushion
Middle row, from left to right... Owl cushion, Witchy pumpkin cushion, Halloween Cat cushion
Bottom row, from left to right... Autumn pumpkin cushion, Smiley pumpkin cushion

If you want to see more pics of these cushions, take a look in my Etsy store by clicking on the link above.

Well as promised, here is the halloween cushion competition. It's just a little bit of halloween fun and the winner will receive one cushion of their choice from the above cushions. I hope loads of you will have a go :0)

Meet Nigel.....

To enter,

  • Find Nigel in my witches corner, if you click on the photo, it should enlarge and he will be easier to find!! Tip, he is hiding, so you may not be able to see all of his body!! Once you have found him, leave me a comment saying where he is.
  • you must be a follower of my blog and add me to your MY BLOG LIST on your blog page (don't worry if you aren't already a follower, just click on the follow blog at the top of the page and add me, then add me to My bloglist in your settings)
  • Then lastly, make up a little rhyme about halloween, like my silly attempt above in orange and send me the answer to where Nigel is and the rhyme in a comment.

    I will then put all the names of those entered in a hat and our little Meg will pick one. I will hold the comments back and publish them with the name and blog address of the winner next thursday, 8th October. The winner can then email me their postage address and let me know which cushion they would like. Easy as that.....I hope!!!


I hope loads of you will have a go, fingers crossed.....



  1. I will pop back and enter early next week.
    Sounds like fun!
    Nikki xxx

  2. That's great Nikki, Your the first to leave a comment.... But you did make me realise that I haven't said on the blog when I need the entries in by!! First time I have done a competition... it was bound not to go smoothly LOL.

    SO.... I need all the entries in by wednesday afternoon and I will put the winner's name on my blog on thursday.

    Have a great weekend, Nikki,
    Julia :0)x

  3. Hello Deni and welcome to my blog, it is lovely to see you here. Thankyou for your comment on my cushions. I hope you will join in the fun and enter my little halloween competition to win one.


  4. Nigel is in the pumpkin tea pot on the shelf!hmmmmmmmm...hope this is it...
    Oh...but I don't have a blog list on my blog page...
    Never mind...your witch corner is fantastic!

    Take care!

  5. Where oh where? Is Nigel there?
    He must be hiding in the witch's hair?
    Behind the books?
    No, I see him THERE!
    Under the shelf, in the pot
    watching the cat
    and shaking a LOT!

  6. Not sure how I missed this but Im no good with these sort of things so I asked our 7 year old Lola to look and she thinks he is hiding under the bench on the left hand side of the room?

    Heres the poem she made up!!

    'Its Halloween Night and its a Fright
    With Skeleton Bones and Scary Moans
    Magic tea, not for Me!
    Bats and Rats, and lots of Cats!'

    By Lola Whittaker age 8

    Lovley cushions, good luck to everyone Kate xxv

  7. Thank you for the giveaway, it's very nice and your pillows are so pretty.I shall start by saying that Nigel is hidding under the bench, only his tip toes are showing
    About the rhyme: does it have to be in English?! (myself gulping down...)
    Tomorrow I'll post your giveaway Good evening Rosanna

  8. Nigel is in the pumpkin! (did I get that right?) lol ;)

    Halloween is on the scene!
    Want a pillow?
    You must follow.

    LOL a poet, I'm not. ;)
    This was fun. :)

  9. hai julia...
    nice cusions...verry neat work..
    love the competition...
    I see Nigel under the couch
    against the left wall next to the cauldron with green
    you just see his head
    greetings Marja

  10. Here I am with the rhyme:

    I want something stick and sweet.
    Don't want a trick, want something to eat.
    Wish Halloween wasn't just one night.
    Then we'd have candy all the time.

    It's not mine, I found it in a primary school book.
    I even managed to add your blog to my list. Thank you for the mail, you've been very kind Rosanna

  11. Beautiful cushions!!!
    I think That Nigel is under the bench...
    I will try to do a rythm in English...but is quite difficult for me....can I do it in spanish???
    I do not have blog list but I will announce your give away in my main blog.
    Good luck to everybody

  12. Upps! I have forgotten T my rithms...

    Tiempo de Halloween ha llegado
    fantasmas y brujos por doquier
    duendes y monstruos a tu lado
    harán que te escondas debajo el somier...

    Something similar to...
    Halloween time has arrive
    ghosts and wizards everywhere
    goblins and monsters to your side
    will do that you hide below the sprung bed base...


  13. Wild and windy winds blow
    On Halloween do appear
    Scary costumes come and go
    And grab candy left and right

    Little Nigel is so cute hiding on the shelf in the pumpkin pot.

  14. Hi Kathi,
    Thanks for entering my competition, your little rhyme is fab an d made us all smile.
    Julia :0)x

  15. Hi Kate and Lola,
    Thanks for your entry and well done Lola for your lovely little poem.
    Julia & Meg aged 10 xx

  16. Hi dales_dreams,
    Welcome to my blog and thankyou for entering my competition. Nigel was under the bench with the cat looking at him, but we had so many people saying he was in the pumpkin that we decided that we had to have 2 Nigels!! one under the bench and the one in the pumpkin, as everyone had taken the time to enter and give me a smile with their fab rhymes.
    Julia :0)x

  17. Hi Eva and welcome to my blog. Thankyou for
    entering my little competion, your rhyme is great. I hope you will have another go in my christmas competition in late november.
    Have a great day, Julia :0)x


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