Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Halloween competition entries to be in by 6PM wednesday 7th please

Good morning,

I just wanted to post a little note to ask if everyone can have their Halloween cushion entries in by 6PM british time, tomorrow, Wednesday the 7th. There is a little clock showing the time in Wales, if you don't want to work out time differences... much easier!!

I have had to put a strict deadline, because I had promised little Meg that she could dress up in her new halloween outfit and pull the name from the pumpkin bowl, but this was before my thursday shift in work was altered. So, I am now on a course wednesday morning and working from 3pm on thursday. In between this, I have to go up the loft for the pumpkin bowl and we have no loft ladder..... and I am not keen on heights!! I will get up all right, but will I get down??? Hywel can't go up the loft, it would be too risky with his damaged legs, so no doubt he will just sit at the top of the stairs and offer words of encouragement in between chuckles!

Once I have got down... I will take a pic of her pulling the winners name and then put it on my blog before I go to work thursday. All being well......

Thankyou to those who have already entered, the rhymes are brilliant and good luck to those about to enter.

Julia :0)x


  1. I'm too late to enter. I have kept meaning to think up a little poem but have kept running out of time.
    I will still look forward to seeing who wins.
    Sounds like an ordeal getting in the loft. It might be easier to chuck a child up, you can always catch them if they fall out, lol.
    I too can't get out of our loft and havnt been up there for years. I was petrified last time so not doing it again.
    Good luck to everyone for the competition.
    Nikki xxx

  2. Hi Nikki,
    It was a bit of an ordeal getting up the loft and yes, Hywel did sit and chuckle as I had expected. Then, as I reached into the loft to get the cable for the light, the plug swung down and hit me right on the nose!! So not only did I have Hywel chuckling, but I had the the kids rolling around the landing in fits of laughter and holding their sides. Next time, I am going to go with your idea and throw one of them up!!
    Sorry, you run out of time to enter, I am going to have another competition at christmas, so maybe you will enter that one.
    Have a great day, Julia xx


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