Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hubby's project ~ part 3

The walls are aged and the chimney is in!

Inside the hut, the walls have been aged. To do this, hubby put a rough coat of pollyfilla all over the walls and then when it was dry, he rubbed tea bags all over it to give it an aged effect. (you can imagine how much tea I have to drink to keep him in wet teabag supplies!) The shelving is also in and I will post more pics of these at a later date. They have been made using conifer wood from a tree in our garden, which has been lying in the shed for a year drying out. They turned out very well and really look the part, now that they are in place.

The floor is individual planks of Elm wood, which has then been varnished. The floor planks look great when finished, but, boy are they a pain to lay as if you are not careful, they curl at the edges when the glue dries. The best way I have found is to apply the glue to each plank using a small paint brush and then immediately stick it down and cover it with a piece of 9mm MDF to keep it straight. You have to be careful that no glue seeps around the edges though, or when its time to remove the MDF you may find it is Stuck!

Nearly all finished.
Inside the chimney there is a bundle of wood, again from the garden and a red bulb lights it all up to give that warming glow.....


  1. Really enjoying your Hubby's little project coming to life..

  2. Thankyou, that brought a smile to hubby's face!Lots more pics to come, anyone guessed what the woodland hut is going to be yet?


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