Thursday, 8 December 2011

Dragons and a new year project!

Hubby has been trying out new techniques lately and had a go at sculpting some dragons for my petshop out of fimo! This is the result! I think he is doing great :0)

They are large dragons with the biggest being 6 inches long, so he would equate to around 6 foot long in real terms! He is really enjoying making these, so I have a feeling that you will all be seeing alot more of hubby's dragon sculpts in 2012!

As for me, I am starting a new project. Moving away from wizards and witches for a while, this project will be a Grocers with living quarters above. Set roughly in the early 1900's, I have plans to model it around a favourite shop at Blists Hill Living Museum.

I already have some pretty pieces for the living quarters.....

and the wonderful Joy has made my shopkeeper; Hugo Orchard...

I also have my base for the project... a Sid Cooke High Street Kit.

So, looking forward now, this will be my 2012 project. I hope you will join me on my journey into the 1900's with it :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. I'll definitely be along on this journey Julia and Mr Orchard looks a very interesting character indeed!

  2. Love the dragon! well done to hubby. Ferns must be catching, that's been one of my latest projects, so quick and easy.

  3. Everyone should start the year with brand new ideas and a new project. I am sure you will enjoy it.


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