Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The Halloween Market Vine

Halloween is approaching fast, so I thought I had better get a move on and finish off my story about the making of my Halloween Market! :0)

With the market stall fully assembled, it was time to begin adding those little details that make a project special. I began by adding some fun halloween card embellishments. They were the perfect size for the front of the stall and being adhesive backed, they held firmly in place with little persuasion.

Once they were all on, the market looked a little bare on the left hand side, so I decided to make a vine to curl up the pillar. I love making vines, they are time consuming, but easy to make, you just need a steady hand and lots of patience! ;0)

I used florists wire covered in florists brown tape to make the vine stem. The tape is easy to apply, you just wrap it around the bottom of the wire and twirl all the way up to the top! ;0)

When I was happy with the shape and size of the stem, I glued and clamped it to the pillar and left it overnight to dry. I did 'plant' some grass at the base of the pillar whilst I was waiting... you all know by now how inpatient I get waiting for glue to dry!!!!

The next evening, I started to apply the leaves to the stem. I have a metal punch with three different shaped leaves to cut and for this vine, I chose an Acer shaped leaf. I had already cut lots of leaves out, so I started to apply the leaves, one by one, using a tweezers and a dab of PVA glue. After ten minutues of painstakingly, carefully applying each leaf, the tweezers got thrown, my fingers became excess glue wipers and the leaves went on in an hickeldy pickedly fashion... but ... it worked :0)

I decided to use two different sized leaves of three colours on the vine: a darkish green, a light green and a splattering of copper orange :0)

For each leaf, I decided to mark out leaf veins. I did this easily as I went along, just before applying each leaf, I used my thumb nail to create the 'vein' line...

The finished vine......

For this vein, I just used coloured art card with no special finish, but to make the vein even more authentic, you can handpaint the veins on the leaves using acrylic paints and then when dry, apply a thin coat of non- yellowing clear varnish.  I have painted and varnished my Ivy leaves, so you can see the difference. I like the both looks, I think it adds variety :0)

and so my Halloween stall is finished, I just need to dress the shelves and front now...

Back soon :0)

Hats by Kat ;0)

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  1. Thanks for the tip on florist wire. It does look very effective wrapped around in that way Julia.
    The stall is definitely coming along.

  2. The stall looks the vine on the makes it more interesting. Can't wait to see what you're going to put in it!!

  3. The vine looks great! I love the touches of coppery orange. :)

  4. oh I love it! the colouring is perfect for halloween, cant wait to see it all dressed! What a great and easy way to do the vines, albeit time consuming, but well worth it, looks fab! Kate xxx

  5. WOW totally cool the stall not the hats lol not sure about those lmao ;-D Happy Halloween to you and everyone xxx

  6. Looks great! I love the colors you chose!

  7. Thankyou Ladies :0) I had great fun making it and it's even nicer knowing that it is mine and isn't going in my Etsy shop LOL :0)

    :0) They are wonderful hats, Kat :0) xxxx


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