Monday, 19 September 2011

An update on Evies welsh shop

A few posts back, Irene asked how I was getting on with my little welsh shop. So, here it is, some updated photos :0)

I haven't done a great deal on it as I want it to have authentic welsh looking bits and bobs on the shelves and it is easier said than done trying to collect welsh pieces that will fit into 12th scale!!!

I have managed to collect some tiny welsh love spoons and a welsh dragon 'mirror' which is really a fridge magnet and I've also filled some shelves with lace and wool which you would find in the older traditional welsh shops.

Our lovely Kat made me some welsh hats and I'm hoping to be picking up a special piece in Miniatura next week... more news on that to follow ;0)

The Miniatura show is looming fast and we will be visiting....I can't wait :0) I have noted down lots of stall numbers and will be happily saying Hi to fellow AIM members :0)

 I will pop a link here after Miniatura to let everyone know that I have done a new post, but the treasures I buy from Miniatura will be shown on my showcase blog

That blog shares details of what I buy and from whom, so it is a record for me and a links showcase for you. I hope you will like it and become a follower of that blog, sent from the old wet and windy welsh hills :0) 

Julia xxx 

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  1. Thank you for that, Julia. It's filling up nicely and I like the little doggie in the doorway. That's a nice touch. I'm curious now about your "special piece"!

  2. Julia, it's coming along quite nicely! :)

  3. Hi Julia. What a shame I am missing Miniatura this time, it would have been fun to meet up. Please take a photo of Jain and Julie's stand as I am dying to see their new dolls!

    I hope you have a great day out and find lots of goodies and even more inspiration

  4. Hi Irene,
    I promise to show my 'special Evies piece' as soon as I get home :0)

    Hi Janice,
    It would of been lovely to meet up, maybe next year? I will be heading to Jain and Julie' tables first thing. I will take some photos for you :0)
    Inspiration?? No more pleeease... I am quickly running out of room to put them all. The xmas project is turning out to be larger than first planned LOL
    Julia xx
    Julia xxx

  5. Your shop already looks wonderful!


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