Thursday, 9 June 2011

Making a stool... for my new home

Well, we have been busy making things for our new home and I thought you may like to see our attempt at making an upholstered stool for our living room... no miniatures here!!

Watched over by Maisey, our little dog, hubby cut the wood to size and together we upholstered the stool surround.

The legs are hand turned by hubby on his wood lathe....

I think he got him them match, but being hand turned they are not identical... close though!!

Once all the sides were upholstered, hubby attached the legs and we upholstered the stool seat using a wood base (my old desk cut to size!) The padding is upholstery foam and then we then covered it all with our fab Fuschia pink and grey stripe fabric :)

What do you think? I think it looks fab in my pink living room :0)

So... inspired, here's our next project... restoring this lovely old chair, picked up in a flea market for a song .... I hope you won't mind not seeing miniatures for a while... I have the 'bigtime' upholstery bug ;0)

See you all soon :0)
Julia xxx

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  1. looks lovely. Hope you're settling into your new home.

  2. it's fab and I love watching home improvements on Blogger.


  3. It looks great Julia - well done to H for turning the legs. You'll find it to be a realy useful piece of furniture (I made one a while ago) as well as a handy seat. It matches in very well. Good luck with the next project - it's all very exciting.

  4. love that material!!!!! :D Linda x

  5. Its so wonderful to have special pieces in the house, and ones you make yourself are just that! I adore the colours, are you using the same material for the chair or something plain with a matching pillow? I often buy little chairs and things to do up at car boot sales but never manage to do it succesfully, hence why I stick to upholstering miniatures, that I can do! Kate xxx

  6. That is a beautiful stool, you did a great job:)

  7. Thanks Chelle, we are settling in lovely, it's a lovely welcoming home :)

    Thanks Marisa,Irene, Linda and Toyin :0)

  8. Hi Kate,
    It's a bit different upholstering big pieces compared to minatures, definately a learning curve LOL The fabric I used is really bright and matches my curtains, but my cushions are a bit more subdued LOL
    I will be using brown and blues to upholster the chair as it is going in my kitchen to be a comfortable 'curl up in' for Meg in the winter :)xxx

  9. I love it Julia, I did upholstery C & G at college and you have done a fab job. I love those legs.


    Debie xxxx

  10. Ooh that's brilliant, love the colour of the fabric.

  11. Love your stool! the legs really makeit. I love the fabric you used, can't wait to see what you do with the chair. You and hubby make a wonderful team :)


  12. Your new stool is beautiful and extra special because you made it yourselves. I see the dog snuck in on the photo too :O) xxxxx

  13. Hi Julia are you all settled in your new home noe. Yesi love that stall pink is my favorite colour of all time xx

  14. I love the chair and the stool! I love the colour too!

    I rather like the chair as it is, but I'm guessing it doesn't blend in too well with the rest of the decor.

    I'm hopeless at this type of thing, so I pass them to my Mum and she does them. She's reupholstered some lovely chairs and made her own stools over the years. No turned wood on a home lathe though, I'm most impressed!

    Michelle xxxx

  15. Julia, great job on the bench! It looks wonderful. :)

    You are adventurous to attempt that chair! I wish you the best. :)

  16. Oh you have made a beautiful job of the stool, its lovely. Hope you are all settling in to your new home. Love the chair, I'm looking forward to seeing the fabric you use for it,
    julie xx

  17. LOL Joy, Maisey tries to sneak into all the photos :) Hope your ok, will email you soon xxx

  18. Thankyou all. Yes, we are settling in lovely to our new home and are enjoying choosing fabrics for rapidly growing 'Upholstering furniture' list!

    Thankyou Michelle, Dale and Julie, I think the fabric I will use on the chair will be a brown background with pale blue flowers to match the china on the dresser :)



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