Thursday, 17 March 2011

Inside the little welsh shop

Over the past week, hubby has continued to work on the little welsh shop. If you remember from my last post, he was waiting for the paper mache to dry enough to scour out the flagstone markings.
As soon as it was dry enough, he used a stanley knife blade to mark out the lines.
 It's a very dusty job, but well worth it.

To colour the floor, he applied a coat of pure black acrylic paint, waited for it to dry overnight and then gave it a sanding down so that some of the white showed through in cracks.

Then it was my turn :)
 I gave the floor a topcoat of grey acrylic paint which I had watered down 50:50. I applied the paint in 2" square patches and then with a damp cloth, I worked the grey into the porous papermache and flagstone cracks to give an old worn effect. Once this had dried well, I applied two coats of clear varnish to seal.

The next evening, I painted the interior walls with a chalky light green emulsion. The paint is from the Craig and Rose 1829 emulsion range, available at DIY stores and they give a lovely soft, chalky look to the walls. I then put the little patch of grey carpet down just inside the doorway to make a doormat.

With that all done, I sat back and had a good look at the shop so far and decided it needed skirting boards!

After a rummage around the garage, I found some old dark stained pieces of wood, which were left over from another project. They didn't exactly fit, but by this time it was nearly 11pm and I was inpatient to get it finished before bed!

So I figured the 'short' bits could be hidden behind furniture and in they went, along with two corner wall beams!!!

 Hubby has made all the furniture to go in this shop and I think it works really well with the old welsh shop theme. I intend to put lace nets up at the window and some lace runners around the shop and whilst I was deciding on what lace to use, I rolled them up and popped them on the dresser.... and then thought... Oh, I like that look!!

So, the welsh shop will now being stocking lace alongside the welsh cushions, blankets, honey, jam and cakes :)

Hope your all having a great week,

Julia xxxx

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  1. Progress is coming along really well with this little project - thanks for the detailed instructions on the floor (it may come in very useful one day). Isn't it funny how we sometimes get happy accidents? The lace will fit very well in with the Welsh theme. I'm keen to see what else you come up with!

  2. Thanks Irene :)
    Re: the floor, you can also get a really nice effect by using Decorators Filler and then painting it with wood stain. We use that flooring in old hallways and conservatories, that was a 'happy accident' too :0)

    Julia xx

  3. its looking great so far i cant wait to see more

  4. Thanks Rachel :) I have loads more done on it, but didn't want to do too long a post. I'll try and get an update on my blog over the weekend xxx

  5. Its lovely Julia, wonderful work as always, whats the floor made of plz, has come out so well. xx

  6. Looks good, thought you had gone quiet. Now I know why, busy busy busy.

  7. The floor looks great Julia. You and Hywel sure make a good team :)

    Victoria ❤

  8. Looks fantastic so far! I love the floors- you and Hywel are a great team! My hubby has been helping with minis lately too- I think he just can't help himself, but he wants it to seem like he's helping me instead of like he loves minis too- lol! Hope you are well and enjoying warmer weather ♥

  9. Its going to be gorgeous, I love the floor! And the walls and beams, just a great look! The little lace shelf unit is so sweet! Kate xxx

  10. Julia, went shopping today and picked up some Welsh Cakes for reference. Mick said you better take some photographs of them, as they won't last for long.. LOL So tomorrow, I will take some pictures, before they are eaten. I have Bara Brith photo's..xxxxx

  11. Im really enjoying watching this little shop progress

  12. Lovely work by you both as usual Julia. The dresser looks perfect.

    Enjoyed reading about your tower in the Aim Magazine too. It did make me laugh when you mentioned the extension.....your hubbie is the perfect mini husband!!

  13. Hi Chrissey, got your message on FB, LOL :0)

    Hi Chelle, I've been really busy, I'm back in work and I'm packing for my house move, but I have got some more pics to share saved ready for next week :0)

    Thanks Victoria xxx

  14. Hi Kim,

    I'm sure you hubby will get the bug too like mine did... and now we fight over ideas LOL Thanks, I am feeling very well at the moment, fingers crossed I will stay that way for a long while and the warmer weather helps. Hope you are feeling better too :0)

    Julia xx

  15. Thanks Kate, there's more shelf units to come ;0) I love your latest project too xxxx

    Hi Debbie,
    LOL at Mick saying taking pics, hope you manage to get the photos before they dissappear ;0)


  16. Thanks Janice :) It is nice to be doing something pretty and frilly for a change and then when I want 'grunge' I work on my AIM tower, the best of both worlds :) xxx

  17. It is looking fantastic Julia....and I just adore the Welsh flag...did you stitch that. I am playing catch up so might have missed it.

  18. Thanks Jayne :) I've been trying to play catch up too, there's not enough hours in the day at the moment! Yep, I stitched the welsh flag, if you go into my Welsh shop album on FB, you will be able to see a better picture... or wait till next week and see it here ;0)
    Julia xxx

  19. This is coming along nicely :) Great idea.


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