Thursday, 17 February 2011

Still looking for inspiration.....

Well, I'm still on the hunt for that elusive inspiration, but in the meantime, I have been having a sort out of my numerous 12th scale houses and shops!!! I have even dismantled one very old house and plan to dismantle at least one more!  All the furniture and bits and bobs have been packed carefully away and when I have finished 'downsizing' I will decide which era to stick with and then I will ask hubby to make me one shop/house out of whats left! The era will either be victorian or the 1950's, but I can't decide, I like them both and they are a nice little change from the witches and wizards once in a while.... but shh... don't tell them!!

Anyway, during my sort out's I came across one of my old shops. I love the Georgian window and the grand door with the real brass lion doorknocker on this one. The walls are stone and really worked out well, so I am hanging onto this one and trying to decide whether this should become a shop with living quarters above to show my victorian bits and bobs.... or should it lose the shop and become totally a victorian house.... or should it be part of a victorian terrace with just the shop and a flat roof.... The possibilities are endless! Hubby reckons terrace.... with a house on the corner and two smaller shops, but... I reckon that's too big!! 

Anyhow, here it is, as it is now, filled with loads of my early attempts at making miniatures...

from a potted tree.....

 too tiny 32 count stitches...

and pretty hats :0)

Looking in, I had to smile at my little bears, made many moons ago...

it's nice to look back and smile.. but it's also nice to move on... so decisions have to be made... what shall this shop become? Any ideas?

One decision that has been made is too sell Meg's old fairy castle, as she wants a little shop of her own to build and decorate.

The Tower has stone compound on the exterior and the black roof isn't too bad, but other than that it needs someone to love and renovate it. Hubby was on about adding rough plaster to the exterior to cover up the flower climbers I painted around the door and on the side and I admit, I do agree that would look really good with the stone work. Inside, I'd take the paper off and start all over again! LOL

Have a great day,

 Julia xxx

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  1. SNAP! Im having a huge clear out too Julia, too many projects,houses, furniture I dont need. Ive decided to only stick to fantasy /witch/wizard etc projects now apart from one 'normal' house! Thats an adorable tower, I dare not show Lola, she'd be after it ! I hope your motivation returns soon, Im in the same boat and struggling to get going! Kate xxx

  2. The shop looks great and your miniature pieces are wonderful. I am sure you will think of something fantastic to do with it - I want to do an Auntie Wainwright (Last of the summer wine) shop with Auntie herself grabbing unsuspecting people to sell random and strange objects to lol Good luck with the auction too xx

  3. Your little shop looks lovely - I really like the door and window. As for a makeover, it says "shop" to me.

    I hope you find your inspiration soon - I think mine will have to wait for a fair!

  4. Hi Kate,
    I'm staying with my witch/ wizard minis, but I need to downsize my other houses! I do really like this one though and it goes well with my Abbey.. maybe I will have a witch /wizard corner and a seperate victorian corner in the attic and keep the best of both worlds! :) Let's hope both of our motivation comes back soon.
    Julia xxx

  5. Thank you Roz :) An Auntie Wainwright shop sounds great and LOL at her grabbing unsuspecting passers by... that would be so much fun to do :)

    Julia xxx

    Hi Irene,

    Yep, no matter how I look at it and try to imagine something else, it still says shop to me too. A posh shop I think with that door and window :) Ah.. fairs, I wish there was one I could get to soon, but alas, I think it will a few months before I get to go fair hunting again!

    Julia xx

  6. I'm I the only one who's not downsizing!? lol I've only just started my collection though I am intrigued how you change and convert an old project.

    It's good to go with a different theme, we all need a break and I have lots of idea for other themes that I fancy. I'm sure your inspiration will be back soon. ;o))

    Michelle xxx

  7. An Auntie Wainwright shop is very appealing!

    In general I prefer fantasy settings, they don't dictate the rules quite so much.

    Best of luck in your hunt for inspiration - it's certainly very shy in this part of the world still.

    xxx Glenda

  8. Hi Michelle,
    I'm only downsizing the very old houses LOL I probably won't change alot about this shop, as I like it, but I will probably add a living quarters floor :)

    Hi Glenda,

    I love my fantasy settings, but I like to do a little bit of victorian stitching sometimes and I have some lovely 1950's furniture... hence the dilemma LOL

    Hope inspiration comes back to your part of the world soon.

    Julia xxx

  9. Good Luck with that inspiration Julia. I say victorian, I like what Glenda said about fantasy not having the rules.

    Victoria ♥

  10. so enjoyed spending time on here today. Julia, you ARE inspiration! xoxo


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