Monday, 27 December 2010

A new Wizard and Witch for Maple and Pear Confectioners

Well, Christmas has been and brought new residents for Hazel Hill...... may I introduce the sweet maker Wizard and his wife....Oswald and Matilda Pear.

They were both commission made for me by Joy of Adora Bella Minis but they were my miniature Christmas present from hubby and the children, so I wasn't allowed to see them until Christmas day... but, they arrived when Hywel was in work, so I had time to check the box contents and have a sneaky peek before he whisked them away to be hidden until Christmas! LOL

The brief was for a wild haired, rotund sweet seller, with goofy teeth and freckles and her equally wild haired wizardly husband! :0)

Oswald makes the sweets in the shop and he is wearing a sparkling white apron.. for now! It will eventually be covered in sticky sweet hand smudges, as Oswald always forgets where he put his towel and so wipes his hands on his apron after making his new sweets!

Oswald's wife, Matilda enjoys tasting the sweets, hence the teeth!! She will shuffle around the shop, tidying shelves and dusting her collection of pretty teapots, which I am going to collect and show on the back shelves behind the counter!

They both suit the sweet shop perfectly and all our visitors on christmas day, loved them :) 

They are brilliant characters and really suit in with my ideas for the sweet shop. This is going to be a fun project, with many a learning curve if I am going to add any of my own sweets making attempts to the shelves... I may just stick to making boxes!!!

This is a longer term project for me to slowly add to over the coming year, so no quick results on this one, sorry, but it will pop up occasionally when I am on the hunt for someone to swap sweets with me (wink wink) or when I have added a little something to the kitchen area behind Oswald or bought myself a teapot for Matilda :)

But, for now, it is sitting happily on my dresser filled with christmas cakes and cookies, making everyone smile :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful christmas break and enjoying your christmas presents too :0)

Julia xxx

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  1. They are fab!!! They look so full of character.

  2. I love these two characters. Joy makes fabulous dolls. Jain x

  3. I love them to bits and wish they were mine! lol I love the teeth and noses! I saw them by chance when I clicked a link from Janice's blog (to view her fab new wizard!). They suit the sweet shop perfectly. Joy's work has a unique quirkiness and so much humour. :o)

    A wonderful present Julia! :o)))
    Michelle xxx

  4. Thank you ladies :0) They suit the fun, quirkiness of this project perfectly :0)xx

  5. They're the perfect couple for this fantastic sweet shop - what a wonderful christmas present.


  6. What wonderful presents! Oswald and Matilda look right at home in their new sweet shop. Your shop looks beautiful, what fun to collect little tea pots to fill the shelf.

    Victoria ♥

  7. I LOVE the sweet shop and the new owners are the perfect couple! Oooh teapots, Ive always wanted to collect them but they can go for crazy prices and I think John would shoot me if I started collecting them but I can dream!So Ill enjoying seeing yours instead! Only 2 weeks to go and then Ill get the clay out and have a little play Julia, if anything good comes out of it Id love to add some goodies to your shop! Lots of Love and happiness for you all in the New Year, Kate xxx

  8. Hi Kate, I am only going to have a little collection of teapots and buy when I am lucky enough to snag a bargain... which is rarely!! LOL I have seen those prices too... phew! It's going to take me years!!
    Lots of love and good wishes for a great new year to you, John, the children and of course Bella too :) xxxx

  9. Oh Matilda is gorgeous I luv her
    Making too many sweets by the looks of it or maybe eating too
    They are really great!

  10. Thank you Deni, they are both superb, I am thrilled with them :) I agree, I think Matilda has been eating too many sweets, which is perfect for her character LOL
    Julia xx

  11. They are wonderful, so much character! I love these kind of dolls!!

  12. These two are perfect characters for your shop and teapots will be a lovely thing to collect. There are so many beautiful designs of them out there. I love the very "blousey" Matilda!


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