Monday, 1 November 2010

A new week ~ new cupboards

Well, Halloween is over, the pumpkin balloons have shrivelled... ah, bless him!
The witches have all gone home...

and the wizards are tidying up!

So what will hubby and I be doing this week? Well, I will be out walking every day to build myself up to  being strong enough to go back to work at the of november and I also have an article to write for the AIM magazine and a petitpoint cushion to finish for Maysage and Birch!

Hubby has been busy designing and making new Woodland Witches Cupboards, a desk and a bench...

So these will be going in our Etsy Store along with the others this week and if anyone is interested, hubby will make these cupboards to size and choice of shelving...

The narrow one in the middle is a new design and I have nabbed one of these to dress for the top of the stairs in the wizards attic room...

If I had a project that needed a woodland desk, I would also nab this one, I love it and can imagine a Woodland Wizard sitting at this desk surrounded with plants, herbs and botanical books :)

and yes, it's made out of his treasured apple wood!

In fact, I could have a whole wizards study with his new furniture, do you think he'd notice?  ;0)

There is also something else happening this week.....
There is a birthday... but Shh, don't let on I told you.....
Hubby is 40 tomorrow ;)

Julia xxx


  1. LOL I love how the wizards are left to do the clearing up.

    The new cupboards and desk look fantastic, I think you should really think of doing that study or what about a woodland libary. I'm sure he won't know if a couple of bits of furniture walk out of the workroom :)

  2. Love the new cupboards and desk/bench. So sad the witches and wizards are putting away Halloween, makes me so sad :{

    Victoria ♥

  3. Happy Birthday Hywel have a fabulous day, and shhh I wont mention the numbers 4 or 0!!! Love the cupboards. Im going to have to measure my little undertairs gap , its quite small and needs a narrow cabinet like that one!! Kate xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Hywel!
    The cupboards look so natural-love it!

  5. Julia, this is wonderful furniture and I love the desk and bench the most. :o)))

    I hope Hwyel has a great birthday tomorrow...he's a little Scorpio I see!

    Michelle xxxx

  6. Nice new furniture!! Absolutely love the apple-wood desk :)
    Happy birthday to Hywel - 40 is great!! Especially looking back from 55, hahaha!!

  7. The furniture is great....Happy Birthday to Hubby..


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