Thursday, 4 November 2010

Been shopping at Turnings In miniature

I have been shopping again!! Well, you know I love wood turned miniatures and hubby, although fab at turning life size bowls and candlesticks, just can't do them in miniature! Don't tell I said though, he'll get all narky and won't make me my furniture!! LOL

Anyway, back to this glorious little hollowed out bowl and elaborate lid, isn't it wonderful? The pictures just don't do it justice, it is so shiny and polished. The main wood is spalted , so the pattern in the wood is different all the way around....

The bowl is hand turned by Tom who is a fellow AIM member and he has just opened up a new shop on the UK Artfire Site. His shop is called Turnings In Miniature and if you click on the shop name you will go straight there. If your quick, Tom has another spalted wooden bowl and lid on his site which is very similar to mine :) Tom's prices are great and delivery all the way from Canada is very quick too.

Tom also sells in Etsy but he explains that his listings there will be sporadic due to him now moving over to his Artfire Store

Then there is Tom's blog where you can see what he is making and you can also learn about Tom's current projects which are a hand built Tudor house and a Victorian house that will possibly become an art gallery for some of his turnings and stone sculptures.

It is very well worth a visit to all three of the links I have popped on for Tom... Christmas is coming... you just know you need a fabulous hand turned bowl in your stocking :)

As for me, I have 'stuff' to do, so I won't be posting on the blog for a few days, but I will be answering emails..I think I have caught up with replying to everyone now? ! If I have missed you out..yell !!

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Julia xxx


  1. I heard that Tom was moving to Artfire. I love his things and have collected several lovely pieces in the past. I will have to check out his new venue! Thanks!

    Lovely lidded bowl you've acquired, btw.

  2. The hand turned bowl is lovely, I like very much the pattern of the wood, congratulations for you acquisition,

  3. Beautiful bowl Julia. I have drooled over Tom's work, I wish him luck at ArtFire. I opened a shop over there, not many miniature sellers there yet.

    Victoria ♥

  4. Lovely piece Julia. I really like the tactile quality of wood turnings a good choice.
    Interested to hear that another seller is moving to Artfire what is happening on Etsy?

  5. Beautiful! Id love to have a go at turning miniature wood.

  6. Tom's work is so smooth and tactile - I have a couple of pieces, and love them to bits!
    Thanks for the link to Artfire - a new virtula shop to explore! :))

  7. The wooden bowl with lid is beautiful. I had not seen that site you link to before and the man has some beautiful stuff. I've saved the link in my favourites because I've got to be good until I've saved for the new furbaby LOL.

  8. Hi Janice,

    Artfire's appeal is that they charge a monthly flat fee and no commission. Their site looks really good, they are linked to Paypal and its really easy to make a purchase. We sold a cottage last night and Ebay took nearly £12 in final fees, thats without the listing fee and paypals cut! If I was on Artfire, that would of been 2 months subscription! We are moving our cottages to Artfire. Watch this space for news on our new shop!
    Julia xx

    Hi Victoria, Send me your Artfire Link and I will pop it on my blog :)

    Julia xx

  9. Artfire also supplies more information to the seller about who is looking at your shop, or at least, where the viewing originated.

    It keeps track of your earnings (3 months at a time) so at a glance you can see how you are doing.

    It just seems a friendlier place for a seller (and their customers) to be.

    Thank You for all the lovely comments about my work. (I'm blushing again).



  10. Enhorabuena por tu adquisicion, es una miniatura fantastica.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  11. No blushes needed Tom, your work is lovely. Thanks for the extra info on Artfire, I'm sure there will be more of us over there soon xx


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