Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Bear Makers Cupboard

So here it is ... The Bear Makers Cupboard......

filled with trees, bells and gingerbread men....

books and buttons...

felts and ribbons....

little bears trying not to fall off the shelf....

and big bears by the snowy tree :)

The Bear Makers Cupboard.....

To add some Christmas Cheer :)

Well, there it is, I hope you like it as much as I loved making it :) I think the little bear trying not to fall off the shelf is my favourite and I like the pile of felts and heart print ribbon too :) I am going to make a little wall shelf in this theme and then that is probably it for this year with the bears.....

But.... there's always next year.... and 2011 projects to think of!! Isn't it funny how sometimes something small will inspire and ignite childhood memories, thus sparking off the flicker of an idea for a bigger project and I'm thinking....

A Geppetto type workshop!! Remember Pinnochio? Who wants to make me a little Pinocchio for a swap??? LOL
Filled with hubby's furniture, old and battered tools, sawdust on the floor, leather books on the windowsill, a roaring fire for those long toy making nights........ there you have the idea for one of our 2011 projects :)

Don't worry, the other project will be wizard based, I'm not giving up making witch minis :)

This Bear Makers Cupboard is available for sale, please email me for details or look out for it in my Etsy Store tomorrow night :)

Have a great day, I am off to see Harry Potter in the cinema now :)

Julia xxxx

11.30 pm added extra..... just finished... The Bear Makers Wall shelf !!


  1. The whole scene is adorable Julia. Love the sound of a puppet workshop. I know we are ones for fantasy and witchy things but I also love the idea of a toy shop. After seeing Julie's I can see it would be a great project to do. Id the hat shop/drapers still ongoing? Kate xxx

  2. Oh my Julia! This is absolutely the sweetest, darlingest thing I've seen....and I am not a "bear person". But this reminds me so much of Christmas and Santa's elves... I have a plan in my head for a toymaker's shop...someday. Do you sell them (cupboard and table) as a set or separately?

  3. do you really want to do Pinocchio swap?? I'd swap with you ....your Pinocchio for any type of fimo food you like.
    At the moment I have mincemeat pies & tarts and Christmas plum puddings and will shortly have some gingerbread houses, if you'd like something for Christmas. But again I'll make any fimo food you ask for.
    hugs Karin

  4. ooops guess I read that wrong! You want a Pinocchio!
    Well I guess I could arrange that also. What can you trade for him?
    Send me an email, I'll send you back a photo of him.
    hugs K

  5. The Bear Makers Cupboard turned out very sweet! Lucky you getting to go see Harry Potter! Enjoy the movie.

    Victoria : )

  6. Hi Kate,
    I adore Julie's toyshop and I love following what she is doing there each time she does a post, but I'm afraid my toyshop won't be so grand! Mine will be a toymakers workshop in an old building that will have to suit in with Gertie, the Wizards Bookstore and the Maysage store. Imagine a dusty old toymakers down a little alley, that is the idea I have in mind :)
    Yes, I am still doing the drapers, but that is a dip in and dip out of long term project.
    Julia xxxx

  7. Hi Tabs, see I can convert people to liking bears LOL :) Thank you :)They are all available seperately :)

    Hi Karin,
    let me know what you after as a swap and I will see what I can do :)

    Julia xxx


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