Monday, 18 October 2010


I just knew from the beautiful handwriting on the box, that the contents would be special and on opening, well... I lifted the first layer of tissue paper to see a wonderful whittled wand! 

The second layer peeled off to reveal a snugly tucked in Wizard Polemonium :0)

Complete with fabulous treats, there was even a little orange and chocolate rose topped cake for 'our Gertie' and some sweet bags for the wizards sweet shop :0)

Wizard Polemonium is a fabulous wizard, who has come down from Oberons Wood to take charge of the Wizards and Wands Bookstore... well Sambucus is still distracted by the wonderful Aunt Agatha in the library!! :0)

Polemonium's clothing is amazing, lovely colours and really soft.
Look how long his hair is...

'Polemonium is a Grand Wizard.

He is also a very learned man and has written many books on various obscure but interesting subjects.
At present he is writing a discourse on the magical use of chocolate.
He also likes to test all his theories and has found that chocolate cake eaten in large amounts gives one a feeling of tremendous happiness!'

Celia, the wondeful artist who sculpted both my Wizards, always pops something in the box you have to find ;) With Sambucus, it was beautifully ink signed signature in his book, so I had a look through the wonderful scrolls Polemonium brought with him.....

and there it was... beautifully handwritten in ink, Polemonium's findings on chocolate :)

It reads...

'The findings are as follows
Chocolate cake gateux in large amounts gives a feeling of euthoria,
therefore, chocolate cake is happiness'
Signed by polemonium

It's such a lovely touch, thankyou Celia :0)

Here Polemonium is with 'Gibson' the bookstore assistant. They are probably wondering why the shelves behind them are so empty, I must get book-making!

Isn't he wonderful? I am really, really pleased with him :0)
He had to go upstairs and say Hi to Sambucus...
You can find more of Celia's fabalous characters in her Oberons Wood Etsy Store or on her website
Here's a little preview, if you click on their names, you will pop straight over to them :0)
Violetta....the traditional witch
Wizard Arbutus
and Truly Plumpcious

you will aslo find magical furniture like this Spell Chest

Now I really must conjure up some spells myself and get off this computer or I won't get anything done today lol

Julia xxx


  1. He's lovely Julia and looks right at home in the Wizards & Wands Book store. Love the hand written

  2. I love him Julia, my fav colour purple too, his cloaks are wonderful! So many treats for you, great bags, and scrolls lucky you! ALl the dolls are beautifully made , I think I like Violetta the best if I was to choose from the ones left, and eek she would really look right in my bad witch house/ inn!! ....but I MUST resist!! I dont want to but Must!! Kate xxx

  3. LOL, Kate, pop her on your christmas list, you won't be dissapointed, they are amazing, the photos don't do them justice :0) Along with Julie, Jayne and Joy, I have found my favourite doll makers :0)
    Julia xx

  4. Julie your new wizzard is fab, I have long hung my nose over Celia's beautiful dolls but sadly they are out of my reach. I love the chocolate scroll too, a wonderful touch.

    I have also passed 3 blog awards on to you, if you would like them visit this page to pick them up xx

  5. Hi Jane,
    Thankyou for the awards, I will try my best to pass them all on in the next few days :)
    Julia xx

  6. I love Polemonium's theory on chocolate in large amounts equalling happiness! Celia is very talented indeed & he's a great character :o)

  7. They are all lovely Julia. Its great seeing your projects come to life.

    Lorra Luffies

    Debie xxxxxxxxx

  8. Me encanta tu nuevo Mago es fantastico, enhorabuena.
    Gracias por los enlaces
    besitos ascension

  9. I have been looking at this sellers work on Etsy for a while now but have been a little reluctant to buy without seeing their work first hand.

    Then you come along and sing her praises!!! And the dark wizard looks so perfect for my Apothecary.......

    Your wand shop looks just great and I can't believe how quickly you create such perfect scenes. They all have such a fantastic atmosphere too.

  10. Hi Janice,
    I kept going back to look at these wizards for nearly a year, because as you say it is difficult to buy without seeing first. But.. I can't sing their praises enough, I absolutely adore my wizards, the detailing is superb and their character shines through. I will send you an email :)
    Julia xx

  11. Celia's work is excellent - so much character!!
    Love all your pics here :))


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